You Can Reach Whatever You Are Willing to Receive
You Can Reach Whatever You Are Willing to Receive
  • Posted: December 13, 2010
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Key Lesson

You can't be prepared for real life, but you can know that Real Life has already prepared within you all that you need to succeed.


Most men and women searching for the secret of letting go make one mistake in common: they listen to their own conclusions. This is tragic. In as many ways as possible, truth is trying to teach us that the limit of our present life-level is not the limit of life's possibilities. What is possible for us to become only truly changes when we are willing to see what is impossible for us to continue being. This is the secret of secrets; this is the secret of letting go and contacting the Secret Self -- the source of love and wisdom, perfect potential, beyond limitation of any kind.

Learning to let go of our own constant mental chattering prepares us for the entrance of the Secret Self. And when, at last, we would rather listen for its coming than to our own internal talking, this sovereign nature makes its appearance. In that instant, all is changed. All is new. Heraclitus, the Greek philosopher of ancient Ephesus who rejected his own city-kingship in favor of contacting this force of true higher self-command, grasped the importance of willingly suspending the common in favor of the promise of the celestial:

"If one does not expect the unexpected, one will not find it, for it is not reached by search or by trail."

While such higher ideas may take patient self-study and considerable explanation, those who are willing to listen will receive everything they need to let go and grow. Here are a few questions that always seem to surface following a class discussion about letting go and contacting the Secret Self.

Question: The Secret Self sounds wonderful, but I have this sinking feeling that it may be beyond my reach.

Answer: Of course it is; that's just the point. But our reach is not the end of what can come in and "grasp" us, then change us from the inside out!

Question: But if we can't reach the Secret Self, then how do we make contact?

Answer: This is where millions of seekers of the liberated life lose their way. We do not contact the Secret Self; we cannot. The lower nature has absolutely no authority or influence over what is genuinely high -- none. The Secret Self enters only that individual's life who has prepared the way for its entrance. It comes by invitation alone.

Question: Isn't there something we can do to help prepare ourselves?

Answer: Oh, yes. There is no greater power for inviting this cosmic goodness into your life than your willingness to be receptive. Learning to listen is learning to ask for this exalted self-newness.

Excerpted From: The Secret of Letting Go, pages 237-241

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