Your Muddy Nature Wants You to Play in the Mud!
Your Muddy Nature Wants You to Play in the Mud!
  • Posted: December 7, 2015
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Key Lesson

The smaller the mind, the bigger the problem.


In one sense, no one walking this earth can avoid the formation of "personality," this unconscious constructed self that interacts with the world, however effective... or not.

"You" are not the creator of personality, rather (for the time being) it is the creator of who you take yourself to be in any given moment, including the negative sense of self that can often take center stage when things are taken out of context and then summarily enlarged out of proportion.

If your wish is for an authentic spiritual life, you must understand that the dark parts of a person -- parts that express themselves through seemingly "personal" reactions -- want, and will find any excuse to get the nature that aspires to return Home to abandon its longing for this reunion.

Do your level best to see how the smallest comments or events can turn you around, and then -- seeing the ease with which you can be moved into a discouraged state -- make up your mind to never again side with any aspect of yourself that would tell you things are hopeless.

Does what is Divine drag you down into the dirt of yourself, or is it your own "muddy nature" doing the defining that leads to deciding against your own higher possibilities?

Persist with your wish to be free. Let nothing come between you and the little part of you that knows you are meant to know the Truth... that sets you free.

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