Talks in the Pines 2019 - Deepen Your Relationship With The Divine

Talks in the Pines 2019 - Deepen Your Relationship With The Divine

The most important relationship of all – the one that affects the nature of every other relationship we have, is our relationship with the Divine. This album is designed to help you see through – and close – the imagined distance between you and the Divine 

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The most important relationship of all – the one that affects the nature of every other relationship we have, is our relationship with the Divine. This album is designed to help you see through – and close – the imagined distance between you and the Divine so that you can:

  • Exchange a broken heart for a whole one
  • Live from a fearless nature
  • Feel at peace with yourself, the world around you, and the people in your life
  • Know patience, compassion, and all the other great virtues
  • Allow the Divine to enter and reconcile your daily life

Here are just some of the deep lessons revealed in Deepen Your Relationship With the Divine:

  • The revelations we need to realize the wholeness of our True Self
  • How to change the way we experience the world by changing the way we see it
  • The secret connection between problems and expectations
  • How to see each moment as the seed and the fulfillment of a divine relationship between heaven and earth
  • How to be brought into the Higher meaning of any moment

How would your life be different if you understood that moments do not come to take anything away from you, but to bring you a gift? 

Our success depends upon being able to see that real life is secretly a single, beautiful movement incapable of contradicting itself. This includes everything that happens to you. The better you can see it, the more you’ll be willing to let go and enter into the flow of even your most unwanted moments and realize their gift of transformation. Find help to achieve this understanding in Deepen Your Relationship With the Divine.

Table of Contents

Talk 1: Step Out of the Shadow of Love and Into Its Living Light

KL: Much as a flower turns its face toward the sun, seeking the light and the warmth it needs to complete itself, so do we seek those relationships and the revelations that we need in order to realize the whole – the holiness – of our True Self.

Talk 2: The Spiritual Secret of Learning to Live From the “Inside Out”

KL: What we see, and take, as being the meaning of any given moment – including our experience of it – is a direct reflection of the level of self being revealed by that same moment. This invisible relationship between the observer and the observed is the mirror of the Divine. And it is only in this relationship – in this "mirror" – that we are able to discover not only the meaning of life, but also what is our original role within it. 

Talk 3: The Secret of Solving the Greatest Mystery on Earth 

KL: With love...all things are possible, because Love never stops giving birth to all that is possible.

Talk 4: Learning to Live Mindfully - Meditation Part 1:

KL: There is nothing better, healthier, or higher for anyone to do, each day – in every possible way – than to sit quietly, all by oneself, deeply engaged in the simple act of honest self-observation.

Talk 5: Seeing Your True Self in the Mirror of the Divine

Part 1: Before you are a “person,” you are (a) Presence. Your True Self is an impersonal consciousness: a silent, all-encompassing awareness that is a tireless witness of (its own) timeless principles and powers as they act to ceaselessly create and un-create all that we see and experience in passing time.

Part 2: The heart beats…and the effect of its pulsation is the propagation of oxygen-rich blood pumped into and through the body, giving it life. The awakening soul sees…and the effect of this perception invokes a higher awareness that permeates the darkness of all that remains unconscious, bringing it into the Light.

Talk 6: Q&A in the Pines

The New Knowledge That Empowers You to Drop Painful Self-Judgment

KL: Real Love can never betray you, for whoever starts with – and endeavors through – what Love asks of him or her will come to know this greatest of truths that sets one free: Love’s end point begins – and has always abided – within you.

Talk 4: Learning to Live Mindfully - Meditation Part 2

KL: Our true and eternal destination is revelation itself; our vessel is stillness.

Talk 8: Use These 4 Words to Deepen Your Relationship With the Divine

Part 1: Hidden within the opposing forces is a Light that, once realized, releases one from the bondage born of struggling with only one side or the other. Understood properly, all opposing forces contain and create their own gateway, but only when one stands before – and within them – long enough, consciously enough, to see it open.

Part 2: We live within a lower level of consciousness that does not want to be brought into the light of higher self-awareness that "appears" in each moment we’re willing to see ourselves as we are. By its nature, this level of “self” lives in the dark of us, and resists any form of illumination. Fortunately, by grace, we are created to see what it can’t, and by remaining in that Light be set free.

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