The Limit of Your Present View Is Not the Limit of Your Possibilities

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Dear Mr. Finley:

I've been on a quest for self-realization for my whole life and I'm nearly 73 years of age. Since I'm well into my golden years and found myself still haunted by negative and frightening thoughts, I was becoming very discouraged that I had not found the Peace of Mind and the feeling of Beingness I so fervently desired. I am basically a self-student although I was a member of a spiratual school for 15 years until I got the feeling that it was time to move on and out, which was a good decision for me.

[...] When I read your book, it was like someone put a key into the door to my cell and for the first time in my life I felt free! I so identified with your text that I was dreading finishing the book but when I got to the end I was delighted to find how prolific you are and have been and that I now have a beautiful new source of inspiration based upon my particular need.

I just wanted you to know what it means to a life that has been trapped in a haunted house and how much it means to find the solution to the problem living to placate the voices. I now believe I know the cause of my mother's mental illness that started as a very young woman. If we had had your information at that time and known how to use it, I'm sure our lives would have been much different! So you can imagine just how dynamic your information is to me. I'm very grateful to say the least.

I also appreciate your generosity and respect the way you have set up your Foundation and give so many things free because it tells me that you also believe that our talents and life is the big giveaway down here.

I am looking forward to purchasing your next new book when available.

Thank you again and again from a grateful heart!


Kara J. - 2/9/2009