The Limit of Your Present View Is Not the Limit of Your Possibilities

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I gave myself your book, The Secret of Letting Go, for xmas... I have been on this quest of the real self for 4 yrs now. I knew of my deeper self but seldom if ever knew how to operate from that level. I was fired from my cherished job end of Oct... [...] Then my wonderful boyfriend ended our relationship a month later. My world came to an end. I have always felt like I had to be partnered to be fulfilled/happy. I have struggled to understand and know the truth of my situation. I want to know the truth about me.

I have been reading your book today, xmas day '07, and for the first time I am beginning to really understand. I get it! For the first time in many years I have belief/hope/surety of a beautiful life. I understand thru your writings so much more clearly than ever before the false self and what keeps it running. I seem to connect with your words as they are finding a home in me. I feel like the overboard passenger who has been floating for days into weeks, just staying alive in the tumultuous waters, looking for a sign of life... a ship to rescue me... a belief of faith in the silver lining... and then your book was on the shelf, next to the one I was buying for a xmas gift. I hesitated only for a moment. Buy it, I said, because I am trying to let go. As I read today, I have to stop to weep in joy at being let in on the secret... finally! I can't wait to continue on and do the inner work. I want to say """"Thank you, Mr. Finley,"""" for all I am receiving thru your book.

Karley S. - 2/9/2009