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  • Study Groups Participate in a weekly online discussion group with other seekers who are eager to share their insights and discoveries.
  • Share Your InsightsEngage directly with fellow members by sharing your observations and experiences on any talk or writing using the Comments feature.
  • Guy’s Blog Read Guy's newest unedited, and uncensored, writings on a broad range of subjects related to the inner Path.
  • Courses Complete spiritual courses provide insight and practical exercises to help you dive deep into yourself and discover higher love, a quiet mind, true confidence, and healing wisdom.
  • Daily Meditation Emails Get inspired by short and powerful Higher Wisdom insights delivered straight to your inbox every weekday.
  • Q&A with Guy Have Guy Finley answer your questions about the inner journey.
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Features: Free Basic Premium All Access
Live-Streamed Classes
Free to the public! Tune in live online for our weekly classes which include an hour-long talk by Guy followed by an open Q&A with attendees.
Fresh Content
New material is added regularly to the site as Guy Finley constantly produces new writings and talks.
Short Talks (Limited Selection)
Insightful, stirring, and easily accessible 3-20 minute blog-style audio clips, recorded live during Guy Finley's ongoing classes.
Special Lessons
Inner-life exercises and special writings deepen your understanding.
Enlightening articles by Guy Finley address practical life issues and how to apply spiritual principles to every day problems.
Inspirational Quotes
Short but powerful quotes by Guy Finley will inspire you throughout your day.
Inspire Me! Tool
Get quick inspiration anytime. Let us choose for you. It will always be something uplifting, thought-provoking, and enlightening.
"My Favorites" Library
Build your own online archive of your favorite Guy Finley materials.
Create & Share Your Wish List
Keep track of Guy Finley books, talks, and albums you would like to purchase, and share it with your friends.
Guy’s Blog
Read Guy's newest insights as he jots them down, spontaneous and uncensored.
Guy's Letters
Guy's personal correspondence with seekers addresses questions many students have.
Daily Meditation Emails
Start your day off right with a nugget of wisdom that can transform your experience with everything you do and everyone you meet.
Entire Library of Short Talks
Access our full collection of insightful and stirring 3-20 minute blog-style audio clips, recorded live during Guy Finley's ongoing classes.
Introductory eCourses
Dive deep into a subject on your own! Work at your own pace with a series of easily accessible talks by Guy on important topics.
Interviews & Radio Shows with Guy
Hear delightful interviews of Guy by hosts from around the country.
Share Your Insights
Engage directly with fellow members by sharing your observations and experiences on any talk or writing using the Comments feature.
This Week's Topic & Archive
A new, special Guy Finley talk selected each week for in-depth study helps you be part of our ongoing school.
Live Online Study Group & Archive
You are not alone on the inner journey. Join a lively online discussion with other members each week on "This Week's Topic."
Intermediate eCourses
Dive deep into a subject on your own! Work at your own pace with a series of more advanced talks by Guy on inner-life topics.
Free Replay Packages
Get free access to all Replay Packages for special events plus our monthly featured eCourses and products.
Student Q&A with Guy Finley
Open online Q&A sessions with Guy, often including members of our global community who send in questions, or speak directly with Guy.
Ask Guy Your Questions
Submit your questions directly to Guy.
Student Talks
Local longtime members speak on a special topic for 10 to 15 minutes. Hear the explorations and discoveries of others on the inner journey.
Student Report Videos
Before each meeting students give brief reports on their inner-life discoveries working with class principles.
Sacred Music Videos
Stirring performances of sacred music by the Life of Learning Choir and ensembles.
Complete Wisdom School Library
Complete access to every writing, audio, and video in our Wisdom School archive.
Advanced Inner-Life Talks
Some powerful, advanced talks are reserved for All-Access members only!
Saturday Discussions with Guy
Open, informal discussions where local members share their discoveries and Guy's comments deepen everyone's understanding.
Advanced eCourses
Dive deep into a subject on your own! Work at your own pace with a series of advanced talks reserved for All-Access members only!
Facebook Private Group
Exclusively for All-Access Members, allows you to view Saturday discussions live, communicate with other serious students, and more.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How will I benefit from being a member of this site?

    If you have ever tried to make positive changes in your life by reading books, buying audio or video programs, or attending seminars, you know that all of these ways of learning provide temporary inspiration, but that their power usually fades away after a few days or weeks — leaving you back where you started.

    There is no way around it: It takes a consistent effort to make real and lasting changes in your life. It requires a continuous flow of new higher knowledge and impressions, and constant reminders to persist with your intention for inner-growth.

    This Online Wisdom School provides both of these key ingredients. It will help you to change in ways that books, CDs, DVDs, and seminars just can't.

  • Do I need any special experience or background?

    The simple answer is: no. That's the beauty of these teachings — you start where you are, as you are, right now. All it takes is a willingness to take the first step and then you will literally find that the path unfolds from within you.

  • How often do you update the membership site with new material?

    The site is updated almost every single day with new content. Each week we post at least two hour-long talks by Guy and a 45-minute student Q&A with Guy, plus any number of writings, short podcasts, interviews, etc. as they become available. We even post talks by longtime students as well as music by our choral groups. Our members say that if anything, there's too much material! But we want you to have the option of experiencing the full outpouring of wisdom as if you were here studying here in person at Life of Learning Foundation.

  • Do you offer scholarships or free memberships?

    Yes — as Life of Learning Foundation is a nonprofit organization, our primary mission is not to make money by running the website, but to make it accessible to as many people as possible, especially in times of hardship.

    Please visit our Contact Us page to send us your information and we will work with you on an individual basis to ensure that you gain access to this life-changing resource.