Guy's Monthly Chatroom Classroom - July 2001
  • Posted: Tuesday, July 10, 2001
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Guy's Monthly Chatroom Classroom - July 2001
Guy's Monthly Chatroom Classroom - July 2001

GF: Welcome everyone to our chat tonight. We will get started momentarily. As is the usual case, I would like to send along a few thoughts before we begin.

If one day you banged your elbow and seven years later the same spot not only still ached, but radiating pains were appearing in your fingers and shoulder, you would know that something in your body's system was terribly amiss! You would know -- beyond any doubt -- that your original injury had never healed itself properly.

Now, in fact, such a simple injury rarely (if ever) becomes a complex physical problem because should the pain of the initial accident persist for longer than even a few weeks, one would realize that his was now an unnatural pain. As a result, he would seek professional diagnosis and treatment. Common sense tells us this truth, but we need to look at why this is true.

To start with, and by the very fact of its continuing presence in our body, we intuitively know that such pains are not supposed to linger on like this. But speaking of pain that won't go away, that spreads and compromises other parts of the self, what about that ache that appeared on that day when your close friend betrayed your trusting heart? And what of other such pains?

What about that moment when your hopes were shattered in the collapse of some life-long dream, or that searing stab of pain that passed through you when your gift of love was coldly rejected and summarily trampled on? Why doesn't it seem odd to us that pains such as these should persist and, in some cases, worsen as they so often do?

So the real question before us is two-fold: We have to ask ourselves not only why these types of mental and emotional wounds never stop hurting us, but why it is that their hidden cause -- that "slash" somewhere in our soul -- will just not heal up. And how we live in fear of even a similar "bump" in life because we know it will reopen that first wound and start the crying cycle all over again!

Once we collect even a few of the necessary facts, the answer to these reincarnating aches becomes obvious. Not only haven't we healed from these "blows" that life deals us -- healings that ought to occur effortlessly and naturally under Higher Law (regardless of the psychic nature of that injury) -- but in plain sight of this fact we come upon another one far more subtle:

By the very absence of that healing that ought naturally to follow any form of hurting, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to deduct that certain counter forces must be at work within us. There have to be unseen anti-healing forces that clearly have a vested interest in our continuing crying.

At the close of our chat tonight I will shed some much needed light on this unseen enemy of our natural healing process and outline for you what are the first and last steps in Higher self-healing. Now, let's get started with tonight's dialogue. What do you wish to discuss? What's on your mind?

David: I've never been to Bali. I can prove to myself that Bali exists by making the right reservations and boarding the right flights. I've also never been to the place where the unseen anti-healing forces don't constantly exert their compelling force. How can I prove to myself that this place exists?

GF: This Work is about awakening to ourselves. Some call it "realization." Awakening to oneself means that one discovers that he has been in a spiritual sleep governed by a nature that benefits from producing dreams. As this awakening occurs, the one coming awake realizes the sleep he has been in isn't that the world is illusory, but that within him an illusory order had been set up as governing body. It isn't that there is a world in which counter forces don't exist, but as we awaken the Intelligence that is actually brought to the forefront of ourselves by its inherent Light, by its own Nature it puts things in their right order. This is the first healing, and in essence, the last.

haha: Today in the middle of watching TV, I suddenly burst into tears and couldn't stop crying. Such a deep sadness -- as if I had lost something and couldn't remember what it was. I saw my whole life, and it was all dead. Everything I had ever done was dead… like a robot going through the motions. I prayed for the universe to show me the way, but even that seemed a dead prayer, separate from that long ago peace that I can never remember feeling.

GF: I know that moments such as you describe are painful and difficult to endure, let alone understand. Let me assure you that this is a natural effect of your inner work, and that there's no reason to fear or regret the event. Be aware of the parts of you that will want to revisit this mini dark night of the soul. What needed to be gained from the moment has already occurred.

jebodiah7: Do you believe in chemistry between people? Or is it just an overwhelming feeling of comfort in identifying?

GF: No, absolutely there is "chemistry" between people, not only at an organic invisible compound level, but also in resonance and other forms of energies.

ADB: Once I get through a dark state of anger, hurt, or sadness, I feel depressed for up to two days. I feel wounded and like a part of me is not present or is missing. I also feel a heaviness in my chest. I know this is a dark state from the false self, but I want it to stop forever. I'm at a loss to make it go away. What working steps can you provide me to stop this once and for all?

GF: See how the dark states deceive us: first, through a process of reaction and then identification with certain negative images, dark emotions flood in and carry us away. Then, following this, the same dark nature will begin to criticize and condemn us for the actions that its will impressed upon us. Drop the whole thing. When we see the wrong parts in ourselves doing the "evil we don't want to do," these same wrong parts will then turn around and punish us for our having seen through their presence within us. Just understand the fact of this, see it in yourself, and the necessary separation occurs naturally.

ADB: What if I'm aware that I'm telling myself not to trust people, or that "people" aren't safe, or that some part of me automatically just goes into that "state"? What do I do beyond that awareness of the situation to further my waking up to it and changing it?

GF: If you are saying that there is a chronic negative judging of others that you are aware of as being painful, this awareness ought to be enough. Who continues to "drink" bad water after he or she knows it is poison to them? Just keep dropping these voices…. IF this is the case. They will eventually tire of you and the "game" if you are sincere in your efforts.

jaybird: Do you believe that studying/observing dreams can provide insight into our unconscious minds, thus aiding us in our efforts towards higher consciousness? If so, do you have any specific suggestions to offer?

GF: There is a certain amount of insight one can gain through studying dreams after their fact. This requires a non-identified mind, for any thoughts that are reactions to the images in the dream are themselves extensions of the unconscious states of the "dreamer." It is possible to dream lucidly (further in one's development), but this is a different story.

Judy: I'm torn between my (brought-up) belief that Jesus Christ died to save us and if we live by his teachings, we die (once) and enjoy eternal happiness with God, vs. the belief that we have to reincarnate until we advance enough to become one with God again. Reincarnation does answer for all the injustice in the world, among other things. Many say the two beliefs cannot be reconciled and this causes me a lot of confusion, distress, and guilt.

GF: We are in the last stages of producing a three volume audio-recorded set of talks entitled "The Lost Teachings of the Sacred Testaments."Volume I will be available by September. In the meantime, you can order a single tape called "The Great Plan for Eternal Redemption." E-mail Chris at the Foundation and tell her you want it. She'll set you up, and it will clear up many of these questions.

Quentin: I noticed you have a new book coming out. Do you ever go on Radio or TV to promote your books? I enjoy PBS' Charlie Rose's "one on one" interview style and I wish he would interview more individuals like yourself.

GF: I do have two books coming out in the next six months and two new tape albums. I will no doubt travel and do a number of various media interviews in conjunction with the release of these new products. If it occurs to you and you feel comfortable doing it, it never hurts for you or others interested in these ideas to send e-mail or snail mail letters to hosts such as you've mentioned requesting my appearance.

seeker: I feel apathy growing in myself. It is so hard sometimes dealing on a day-to-day basis with the same sleeping people… especially family. With my children (I try to teach them responsibility by word and example), my wife lets them get away with everything and it always makes me out to be the bad guy which my kids resent. Its getting harder to be nice.

GF: Darkness in this world wins in this world the way it does because it wears and wears and wears upon weary, unsuspecting souls. The behavior of anyone else should not, must not, set your interior tone with those people. Come awake and call upon what you know is true for guidance instead of your reaction to the falseness you see before you.

JohnF: Thanks again for the "Talks in the Pines" seminar, the hospitality and the material given there to work with. What are the three forces that constitute awareness?

GF: I'm not sure what you're asking, but the three forces that are required for any manifestation are: active, passive, and neutralizing (or modifying).

IGETIT: To invite thought and pursue that thought through to the end is the whole process of awareness. My understanding was to wipe away thought as it arises. Please give an example of a thought that I want to invite and then pursue through to the end.

GF: Light doesn't wipe away darkness. Light reveals what is in the darkness and in some manner, actually fulfills the purpose of the darkness by bringing all that is in it into the Light. Awareness is not intended to wipe away thought as a sword dispatches an enemy. Awareness reveals the content of thought, and in each timeless revelation, relationships are strengthened or ended.

GloriaZee: How about the thought that someone doesn't love me?

GF: Where is the pain in the thought "someone doesn't love me" apart from certain parts of ourselves feeling good about ourselves only as long as someone outside of us confirms the image we have of ourselves as being "lovable." The problem isn't what the person says, but the attachment to the sense of self inherent in all such unconscious images.

ADB: I'm aware that I'm choosing to feel fear, that there are no scary situations, and resistance to this state usually grows into full-blown panic. What specifically can I tell myself each time this dark state appears? I'm at a loss for effective, WORKING words to stop this before or when it first happens.

GF: Words are ineffective against negative states. It doesn't matter what words you have. The intellect that would wield an affirmation against an attacking fearful state cannot comprehend that it is like yelling "no!" to an approaching thunderstorm. You must have the right understanding. I spoke of this subject on July's Tape-of-the-Month. It would help you to listen to the insights on this tape. Contact the Foundation.

Judy: Last month you answered someone that: "It is always a good thing, when one feels the prompting for it, to be in business for oneself. There is much to be gained from such a step." Can you please elaborate?

GF: It wasn't terribly long ago that the idea of "self-reliance" denoted something of beauty, power, and ultimately a different order of security and contentment. Such notions are quickly vanishing on this earth. Being in business for oneself demands that one become master psychologist, master salesperson, and general utility person. In other words, such work rounds us out… a good thing.

victory: Recently I had an experience in meditation that was extraordinary. It made me realize that I needed to meditate more frequently. The problem that I now face is an impasse… I am finding it extremely difficult to meditate now. I feel that I have failed and am having a hard time dealing with the resulting depression. One thing I do know is that I will not give up. Any suggestions?

GF: Every time an individual "breaks" through just a bit, there is a reciprocal reaction from the nature the individual has broken out of. In actuality, it isn't so much one breaks out of oneself as it is a crack in the hardened veils occurs and some Light gets in. When the Light comes in, the darkness retreats and then doubles its effort… therefore, redouble your own. You can't lose.

jebodiah7: Is there really the ability to heal oneself from major illness? What about "quantum healing"?

GF: I know how this is going to sound, but the issue isn't about healing oneself from a major illness. It is about awakening to -- and walking away from -- the time self that not only believes it exists only to perish, but that spends its entire existence running from what it can never escape. The one who wakes up fears nothing. He or she cannot be touched by this world.

Jonathan: How do I deal with feelings of nostalgia? Sometimes they are so strong, I feel that I need to be at a past, happier time in my life. How should I deal with these feelings?

GF: It's important that we realize that not wanting to feel a certain way is actually that very state we don't want to feel. This is classic opposites at work that the mind needs to grasp. I'll say it to you this way -- reread this several times -- any moment of your life that you don't want to relive, you are reliving any moment that you don't want to.

Shelly77: I listened to the tape from 03/21/01 and received the help I truly needed. I am still practicing how to stop and say "no" to negative thoughts. I can hardly believe how much I gave into them. I just keep listening to that tape over and over again because it really is helping me.

GF: I'm delighted that the principles you are discovering in this Work are helping you with your inner development. There is no substitute for one's active intention. To learn a new idea is but half the journey to the new world that new idea both points to and (in actuality) originates from.

Jonathan: Most of the time, I feel like I am wandering aimlessly through life with no direction. My career is going nowhere; I live alone with no social life whatsoever... my life seems so meaningless. Isn't life supposed to be different from this? And if so, how?

GF: I have always found that there's no such thing in Real Life as a closed door. Those doors that do seem closed "dead-ends" are secretly false images we have become identified with and in our fascination with having nowhere to go, we actually come to believe that this is how life works… it isn't. There is always a Way. Come visit the Foundation for some talks.

ADB: When I relate to people I feel as if a part of me is "missing" or holding me back from being fully present and receptive to the moment. I suspect I'm telling myself something as soon as I am to relate to others. Any insights on how I can stop this behavior on a moment-by-moment basis?

GF: If what you're saying is that your mind is talking to you so loudly when you wish to speak with others that all you can hear is yourself, here is something you may try (don't throw this idea away): deliberately slow yourself down in your encounters. Make the noise in your head more conscious to you. It only persists because you resist the disturbance. Don't resist. Watch. See what happens.

Thomas: What is the best way to remove the scales from my eyes and open the door to my heart?

GF: Self cannot remove the scales from its own eyes. However, there are certain "I's" in a person that can see the condition of that "blind and cold" heart. It is in seeing ourselves that we become free from ourselves. We must awaken to die and die to be reborn. The new man has the new heart. Work for this.

jebodiah7: I once heard that desire is the mechanics of creation, the connection between the existing and non-existing. Any comment?

GF: Here's a brief answer to your question, but I do believe we would all be better served by attending to personally relative questions and not so much philosophy. No one force, including desire, constitutes "the mechanics of creation." However, there is a third force that mitigates the creative and destructive energies of this universe.

jaybird: Imagination can undoubtedly be a huge barrier to spiritual awakening, such as when we have flattering mental pictures of who we're "supposed" to be rather than working to discover who we really are. But might there be a way to constructively use our powers of imagination to benefit our spiritual work, rather than impede it?

GF: The short answer is yes, but this is a highly qualified answer. One must realize that there are levels to all things and in all things scale operates. Imagination used incorrectly for wrong results at an incorrect level will produce not only illusion, but greater barriers than what the person first encountered that he wanted to use his imagination to resolve.

JohnF: Sometimes, when I wake up and notice resistance, the resistance dissolves immediately. Sometimes though, I seem to be "tarred and feathered" with resistance. Why?

GF: Some days here in Southern Oregon, the sky is covered with cotton candy puffs of clouds. Other days thunderheads loom as high as thirty thousand feet, dominating everything. Why? Because to all things there is a season. Our Work is to reach the interior point where rather than being overcome by the clouds within us, we realize our true Sky Nature.

IGETIT: Sometimes I look at my life and I want to be grateful, but I do not feel I am being sincere. Then I become very conscious of it and I ask myself, "Who am I being grateful to?" Is this normal? I need some help here. What is it that I am not seeing?

GF: Listen. I can't tell you how many signs there are along the Path that say "Stop here! Read me! Figure me out!" There are as many of these as there are thoughts in us that want to resolve themselves by thinking. Never mind all of this business about who you "have been." Drop it. Look up. Remember yourself. Remember God. Keep walking. Whatever is behind you belongs there.

jj: Many times while trying to observe and stay awake to a negative state, the moment I do that, it disappears and I seem to gain no insight. Is this right or am I doing something wrong?

GF: No, this is natural and, in a certain sense, our unconscious self and its attending, supporting cast of characters will instantly duck and hide the moment they feel themselves being observed. This is part of what is meant by "don't let the left hand know what the right hand is doing." Persist at remaining awake and increasingly you will begin to catch these invaders as they make their entrance.

jebodiah7: I know everything has a purpose, but I can't understand the nature of parasitic creatures that seem to only drive another living creature with the same will to live to suffer greatly. Is their purpose just to be evil?

GF: We must bring all of these things down to our own lives if we want to understand the broader life around us. Here's a parasitic creature no one knows they have: the thought that says "let me go drag someone into my problem in order for me to feel more confident about myself." Now find other psychological parasites. This is good work and leads to real Health.

ADB: I would like to know how to better hold on to your teachings on a daily basis. I've read several of your books and listened to dozens of your tapes, but I still find that you can speak one sentence that can be interpreted into volumes. At times, it seems overwhelming. How can I hang onto your omnibus teachings each day and still make working use of them without a dark state interfering? Suggestions?

GF: Yes, here's how: Find one idea, i.e., not blaming others, or refusing to complain to yourself or anyone else, or setting aside one task that you do each day for your inner work, whatever that may be. In the smallest of aims is the Great Aim realized. Go all the way to the end of one such aim and you will realize new worlds that will give you new energy to do new inner work.

JohnF: Did I "fall" before or after "I" was born?

GF: Who you think you are -- who you take yourself to be -- was never born.

victory: My husband would like any "easy" suggestions for staying in the "Present Moment" other than saying "cut" to himself.

GF: There are a number of ways a person can learn to "ground" themselves in the present moment. But keep in mind that the effort to be awake in the present moment is not what produces the awakedness that IS the present moment. The exercise of coming awake is to realize we have been asleep. The more we see how asleep we are, the more is awakened in us this wish to stay awake. Let this wish teach the way.

Shelly77: I want to mention a very dark side of myself that I experience, mostly upon arising in the mornings. I have to do a lot to rid myself of these awful feelings -- almost like feeling hopeless before I even begin my day. Also, I have to fight to include others in my day. I usually get by. Is there something other than negative thinking going on here?

GF: Tomorrow morning when you open your eyes, get out of bed immediately. Do not lay there. The darkness loves this "down time." Put your feet on the floor and feel the rug (or whatever) under your feet. Come awake to the entirety of yourself, whatever that may be. Remember God in this moment and with your heart request His presence to always protect you.

DebbiE: Some people would say that we need to teach history to our children because then they won't repeat mistakes of past generations. Wouldn't teaching about history for those reasons be fruitless because, without Higher teachings, we respond to life challenges from our past -- repeating similar patterns?

GF: In reality, no teaching can be separated from its teacher. If a person teaches history and they themselves are a dust jacket of defeat and false images, they will teach history from the same dull spirit that possesses them… no life in other words. A living teacher, regardless of subject, conveys life and in that life the subject of his or her preference.

PH: In the middle of a recent darkness, what was "seen" was an all-encompassing sickness that is this physical realm. Everything is self-absorbed and preys upon whatever else it is programmed to. Lack of perfection appeared in all places, things, and people. It was very dark. Any comments?

GF: What you saw is a natural and necessary stage in one's True spiritual development. It is not to be feared (the way the darkness within would try to condemn you for having seen it) nor is it to become the focal point of thought. Each true glimpse we have does its True work in us in the moment that glimpse occurs. The rest is ripples in a certain order of self that ultimately must be surrendered.

ventureguy: Being it was my first time at the Life of Learning Foundation last month, it seemed the laws of attraction were working their magic well. It seemed easier to stay awake and just be at peace around a lot of other people with the same goals in mind. Now back home, the work of watching my thoughts seems harder. Does this make sense?

GF: Yes, it does. It requires tremendous energy to be awake and watchful and willing to let go of oneself. There is an abundance of this energy wherever two or more are gathered for that purpose. However, this doesn't mean that you must "lay down." See the truth of what you now are experiencing and use your own condition to rise above what you see. It can be done.

Faust: I've noticed that I've been giving too much of myself to computer programming, but my situation calls for it. I love it (that's not the issue), but "my very life" now feels cold and logical. I need some "soul" but don't really get any apart from your teachings. Please tell me that life is not as technical as it seems. I feel very lost and cold now.

GF: Nothing "freezes" one's heart faster than unconscious fascination with how cold one can feel. You are no feeling that you have. Remember this. Feelings pass through us, they are NOT us. Stay awake. Drop the self-condemnation or any other cold ideas about yourself. The awakened nature gets hot, if nothing else by the amount of humiliation one receives in seeing himself as he is!

dooshto: My girlfriend left me. I am now severely depressed. I used to have a lot of drive, now I have none. My business and work are suffering because of that. I feel worthless. I need help!

GF: As difficult as this is to understand, try to see the truth of the following: Life is not trying to take something from you as a result of these changes. It is saying to you, "Time to change." Who you really are cannot lose a thing any more than the sun can lose the light that it sheds upon this earth. It's just changed. Let go. Let Truth lead.

Jonathan: Most of my negative thoughts occur when I lay down to go to sleep. Luckily, I'm asleep rather quickly. But before I go to sleep, I inevitably find myself wishing that I could go to sleep and never wake up. What's going on here?

GF: When the physical body has spent its energy, when one is "drained" is usually the time for these negative forces to prey upon us. These dark "spirits" are opportunistic in nature. Remember yourself and God as you fall off to sleep. Plus, try to stay more awake during the day so as not to waste precious energy.

jebodiah7: Do you believe in some sort of connection with the actual stars in the sky? Some people who talk on "higher ideas" often relate everything that is unseen to these hot gases in the sky millions of light years away. This doesn't feel right.

GF In some ways, all things are connected. On the other hand, everything one needs to know about his or her relationship with Real Life, with God, is right here, right now.

ADB: A previous chatroom transcript spoke about New Age techniques like "visualization" and reprogramming the mind with affirmations, and their effectiveness to create what we want in life. Nevertheless, I couldn't grasp a concise opinion you had on the usage of this technique to manifest what we want in life. Can you rephrase your insight on this please?

GF: One can visualize better conditions and strive to manifest his vision. Athletes succeed with such work. But such powers are useless when it comes to realizing a new life, a Higher Consciousness.

jebodiah7: During last month's chat, a participant asked you about energetic forces that came visible to him once. I thought that I've seen orb type images around certain events/people that seemed like there were other issues at work. Fear told me to ignore this because it could be evil at work. I have no history of hallucinations/mental disorder.

GF: Pay no attention to such events other than to just note their comings or goings.

JohnF: Cunning is not wisdom, so what should I try to remember when tempted to become intimidated by those who are "smarter"?

GF: Ask yourself, "What has this (my competitive nature) to do with realizing my eternal Soul?"

ADB: Are you going to write a book on how we can pass these teachings to our children?

GF: I am discussing such a project and hope to do something along these lines, including (eventually) a school for children here in Southern Oregon.

jebodiah7: Is it true that we should be aware of karma energy, giving, receiving, etc., and if we do not we would be disrupting the flow of prosperity and preventing good fortune from coming to us?

GF: Before we ask such questions, or certainly before we set out for answers to them, we must each discover -- for ourselves -- the actual nature of good fortune. Start with this as one idea of what is good fortune: being fearless.

JohnF: I recently saw a piece of "art" that was very disturbing. The disturbance felt deeper and darker than mere resistance, just as a Truthful statement connects with something in me that already knows its Truthfulness. What happened?

GF: If you see something that is ugly to the soul, leave it at that. What more does one need?

Jaybird: There is little (if any) discussion of the afterlife in the teachings of "esoteric" principles, such as those we're learning here. While I understand the necessity of living in the present, not in the future, I can't help but wonder if enlightened people don't have curiosities or insights on what awaits us when life in the physical realm is finished. What are your thoughts on this subject?

GF: All is revealed in its time. Do what is in your power to know, leave the rest (imagining) alone, and the knowledge of such things comes upon its own -- if it is intended for you.

Jonathan: I have a hard time "grasping" spiritual teachings. I've always loved mathematics and logic, and they seem the opposite of spiritual topics. How can someone who relies so heavily on the tangible in life grasp the spiritual things you talk about? They constantly seem to elude me.

GF: True spiritual teachings -- while they may sometimes be emotional in nature -- are the most practical thing, the most logical deductions in the Universe. Just stay with what you don't see until your New Eyes open -- which they will if you will persist with your wish to see anew.

vern: When I find myself dominated by a sudden fear about some calamity that seems to loom ahead, what response will release its hold on me and will also weaken its power to plague me the next time something looms?

GF: The fears that persist are because we unconsciously resist them. Take your eye (your attention) off of what you don't want to look at!

Faust: Zig Ziglar is fond of saying (in terms of attitude): "Fake it 'til you make it," and it works sometimes, but the people I live with seem to directly reflect my moods. When I don't talk, they don't talk, but what they don't realize is that when I'm like that, well, that's when I need them to talk the most. I'm not getting a lot of my needs met in terms of warmth, and am not really sure how to cultivate the warmth of others without putting up effrontery.

GF: Don't "fake" anything, ever. That is the path of imitation -- and it breeds fear. Come awake and do what you can to step beyond your states. The more you will work to walk past what holds you captive, the more tired you will become of belonging to a mind that limits you. The rest (greater freedom to express yourself) will happen naturally.

jebodiah7: What would you recommend to a managerial person who faces constant pressure decisions other than to come awake? I've been doing great at awareness and it has helped me see through fear and make the right choices. I wish to excel even further and make giant gains both spiritually and monetarily because I know its out there and I would use it all for good.

GF: If you have not read Design Your Destiny, get this book and work with the exercises in it. With your efforts the principles in this book can help you to take yourself to the next step in your development.

Frank13: I was on the freeway today noticing all of the "asleep" people driving in the huge rat race we all call life. People were continually cutting me off and I noticed anger arising in me. In one particular instance, I knew that "I" was furious and I knew that the "I" that was feeling this rage wasn't the real me. But I was angry anyway, almost like I wanted to be angry even though I know it's destructive. What am I missing?

GF: Nothing. What you report is good. You are beginning to wake up to the fact that there is something living its life out in you at your expense. This is a necessary stage in awakening.

here2learn: Would it be possible for you to explain, in spiritual terms, the law that "for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction"?

GF: There can be no expression of a force -- say anger -- that does not do to the one sending it what it does to the one it is intended for, at the very same moment.

JohnF: When I need someone to do "A" and then they do "B," I try to let go of the resistance and go with the flow of life, but I still feel compromised. What can I do when I'm in this pickle?

GF: If someone works for you -- and they do "B" instead of "A" -- you must make the correction. If your friend does not do what you want, who are you to say he or she should?

JohnF: Is it useful to imagine what it would be like to be fearless?

GF: No.

paradox: As I continue to do the work on myself, I find that I am drawn to a different group of people, and our conversations are helpful in expanding my growth. But with most people, I am unable to make this kind of connection and would really prefer just my own company. If I am not gaining/giving anything meaningful, I feel that I am wasting my time. Am I on the right track or am I just being selfish?

GF: This is a natural development along the Path. Find the few who wish to be True. The rest will want to take you where they are going -- which is nowhere.

Willie: I have introduced my older sister to this new way of living. She is having change of life problems at age 60. Can these principles help her to deal with the hot flashes? She said she is afraid of losing her mind.

GF: Try to encourage her to get and read The Secret of Letting Go. Be sympathetic, but do not allow her to bring you into her fears. Be kind, be True, be supportive without compromising yourself.

jamesm: Is there going to be a point in this work where we can truly feel in our heads that life has real significance? Up until this point I've been kicking and screaming though life.

GF: You may be assured that there come definite times when one knows, beyond the shadow of any doubt, that he has not only made the right choice here and now -- i.e., to do the inner Work -- but he will know that this same choice will lead him to the Timeless, fearless Life he has always hoped for.

rousseau: I notice someone took the screen name "Truition." This reminds me of the "Sex and Sweethearts" booklet by Vernon Howard. He must have used this in other writings as well. It's a juxtaposed word of "truth" and "intuition." Both words have been so widely used in the mass media in the last decade. Could you comment on the power of these ideas?

GF: The whole of our inner Work, of observing and remembering ourselves and our God, is connected to these two words: Truth and Intuition. Both words hint at Higher States of Self that come as we "die" to ourselves.

ADB: Just because all of us here tonight appear to be seeking the truth, is that enough to guarantee that we'll achieve it? Was your seeking it enough, or did you have to have a red-hot desire or something of that nature? It seems like our being on this path makes us a rarity. Is this an accurate insight?

GF: "Seek and ye shall find; knock and the door shall be opened to you." "Many are called, few are chosen." Now, choose to be chosen!

JohnF: Would you please publish or post the prayer you said before the morning meditations?

GF: Perhaps there will be a moment to get this done. Check the "Lights along the Way" web section from time to time.

GloriaZee: I am holding a self-image of wanting to see myself as lovable. I also fight against the self-image of being unlovable, which doesn't seem like an image in its painful feelings. Both of these seem so fundamental to my experience. Any comments?

GF: Try to see that any image one feels the need to "hold" of oneself must be born of an opposite feeling -- somewhat as you are beginning to realize now. The image one produces and clings to of being "lovable" only serves to secretly strengthen the fear of not being worth loving. Who you really are needs no images whatsoever to gaze upon.

MikeD: How can we maintain after an epiphany or mountain top experience? Nothing seems to fade faster than inspiration in the face of the mundane.

GF: Do not try to keep anything. What is yours cannot be lost. What is not yours cannot be held. Start over. What you really want is the Living Spirit of Truth, of the Light, of Christ. This Spirit cannot leave us as it has never been without us… save for our looking in the wrong places.

GF: In a few more minutes we must say good night, but before this I want to give you the special insights I promised about how we can begin taking conscious steps in helping ourselves to realize Higher self-healing.

Imagine for a moment the familiar pain that comes with having eaten some ice cream too quickly, so that one's mouth or throat gets that painful "freeze" feeling. When we experience a pain such as this we don't worry over what to do about it because, in this instance, we know a certain truth about this pain that keeps us from getting wrongly involved in it. What is this truth?

We are already conscious of the fact that this pain will pass as soon as its cause goes away. We may hop around a bit, but we know better than to leap into some fear, blame, or self-laceration. Yet, in sharp contrast to this wisdom, whenever we get handed a "cold-hearted" blow from someone or something in life, suddenly our inner posture strikes a completely different and dark pose.

Our pain, instead of passing with its cause, remains and persists. And rather than being healed, our hurt gets constantly refreshed with every remembrance of that wrecking moment. Why is this so? What is happening within us?

Follow closely the next few ideas to see these truths at work in you. First, as we may now suspect, there is at work in us an undetected nature that will not allow the cause of our pain to pass so that the healing may come. For instance, can we see that we have parts of us that just won't let go of being angry with someone who got angry with us? But that's not all!

Can we also see that these same smoldering parts of ourselves would have us believe that being on fire is how to get over being burned? Of course! And once we bring such self-destructive behavior out into the Light, we can also see that these actions are unconscious to us. No one would consciously harm himself. Let's look at another common pain and see why it won't heal.

Carrying around any form of resentment -- for any reason -- is like holding onto the tail of a wildcat while blaming someone standing next to you for the fact that the creature won't stop clawing you!

Now then, keeping these helpful findings in mind, here are some special insights and key lessons to help us get started on the road to healing our hurting hearts.

Any part of you that wants to draw you into a dark stew of some sort over "who" or "what" it was in life that brought this pain upon you is secretly working to divide and conquer you. This spiritual fact cannot be overstated nor should the understanding of its rescuing power be underestimated, which is why we will now bring the deception out into the open.

The first unseen step that this insidious dark nature takes in us is to direct our awareness away from the actual hurt we feel. It accomplishes this mean feat by its second step: It tricks or goads us into placing our attention on considering some enemy outside of us that it points out as being the cause of our pain.

Once this unconscious self has succeeded in dividing us up in this exact manner, we now have less than half the possible powers that we need to heal. And if this wasn't bad enough, our remaining forces of healing Light are themselves now half compromised by negative states that wash through us as we are misguided to lash out at whatever it is that has been blamed for our pain!

The next time any pain -- be it an old familiar one or some altogether new kind of ache -- pushes itself in upon you, do your best to come wide-awake to yourself and to remember this last important step. Use its helpful guidance to help yourself start real self-healing.

When some pain presents itself, do not try to do one thing with it other than to be awake to its presence in you. Into this conscious awareness bring your new understanding that this pain is not you but, in realty, constitutes a calling out from the injured part of you to a Higher Power to be healed. Your "job" is to see that the call gets through -- nothing more, nothing less.

If you will do your part in fulfilling this Higher Plan for healing pains -- and agree to simply hold this hurting of yours in the Light of your own Higher Self-Awareness -- then the healing you hope for cannot be denied and has, in some ways, already arrived. All you need do is remain true to this Principle as it works itself out within you. The rest will be done for you.

That's all we have time for tonight. Be sure to mark your calendar for our next chat on Thursday, August 2nd. Until then, remember yourselves, remember God. Good night.

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