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Would you like to know how to take your inner life to a whole new level?

Here is the One Secret to Succeeding at
Anything You Want in Life...

Dear Reader,

In the next few minutes I will share the secret to succeeding at anything you want in life. It's an ancient secret, passed down through the centuries -- in direct lineage -- by the masters of Wisdom.

It's the secret to making all bad things good, and all good things even better.

I wish everyone on earth could know this secret. Because if they could, war would disappear, hunger would cease, people would smile more, and they'd have a lot more fun.

Maybe some day that will be possible. But, until then, at least you can learn this secret and enjoy more love, more peace, more laughter, and more of everything your heart truly desires.

The Mysterious and Soul-Stirring Secret
of "Self-Remembering"

This practice has been called by many names down through the ages, but its power to change lives has never been in question. I'll refer to it simply as "self-remembering" or "remembering yourself."

You can think of remembering yourself as a shortcut to creating a whole new kind of self-command that completely changes your relationship with yourself and the world around you. Its power to change lives is one of the most mysterious things on Earth, which is why it's very rare to find someone who understands what self-remembering is, and its perfect authority.

Here's how to get started:

It all begins with simply reclaiming your attention, so the first step is to bring yourself back into the present moment. Be quietly aware of your own breathing and the feeling of your feet on the floor. Notice the sounds in the room and the tension in your shoulders. See that even as life goes on all around you, it's going on within you as well. Be aware that not only do you have a body, but that you are in it!

Can you feel the shift of energy? This small action feels so new and different because it connects us to our true nature. Now, instead of relating to the world through our limited thoughts and feelings about it, we are in direct contact with what's Real -- no more middleman means no more confusion, no more conflict over what's best and brightest for you and everyone else.

Next, as you keep your attention in your body and on the present moment, be aware that you are alive -- quietly know that you exist and rest there in this understanding: that who you really are is beyond thought, above imagination, outside time... an instrument of the Divine. To know and act on this understanding is what it means to remember yourself. This is the true "practicing of the Presence," because you enter into that Presence each time you remember to make this shift in your attention.

This shift in consciousness opens the door to a whole new vibrant and extraordinary world. However, even though the exercise itself may seem easy and straightforward, don't be fooled. Remembering yourself every once in a while may be easy, but it won't change your life.

You must learn how to make self-remembering part of your moment-to-moment experience, so that you begin to live within this higher level of conscious awareness. And so while it's fair to say that remembering yourself is simple and easy, it can also be said that remembering to remember yourself consistently is one of the hardest things for a human being to do.

I can't stress this point enough...

In fact, you could say that the difference between a person who has an important and enlightened life, and someone who lives out an ordinary, unimportant one, is determined by how often and how deeply a person remembers to remember him- or herself.

You instinctively know the truth of this fact. After all, we've all experienced the energy and enthusiasm of a great book, movie, or motivational seminar. I know that when I left the theater after watching the movie Braveheart, I could feel that there was greatness inside me -- and I told myself that I would never again compromise my principles to gain the approval of another person. Yet, after moments like these, what happens a day, or a week later?

Nothing. The book or the movie is forgotten, the New Year's resolution is broken, the new diet gives way to Ben & Jerry's, and life is back to "normal."


Because we forget.

The power of any idea -- no matter how grand -- is only as good as our ability to remember it. Self-remembering is not exempt from this law of self success. Its power and beauty is only as good as our ability to remember and be in relationship with it.

Design Your Own Destiny

There's only one reason I'm telling you this today. It's to give you the opportunity to learn to master the art of remembering yourself... so that you can grow in relationship with the celestial powers of our living universe, and allow them to transform every single aspect of your life.

If you want to be a better businessperson, a better artist, or a better athlete, self-remembering will help you.

If you want to master the principles of love, gentleness, and happy human relationships, self-remembering will empower you.

If you want to master your own heart and mind so that you can peer into the mysteries of God, Infinity, and the Cosmos, self-remembering is a special key that can make it possible.

It used to be that the knowledge required to learn how to remember yourself effectively was only taught by enlightened masters in remote monasteries and spiritual schools in certain isolated areas such as East Asia, India, Asia Minor, the Middle East, and parts of ancient Europe.

However, now there is a way to learn how to remember yourself -- and be a stronger, more compassionate, and more excellent human being -- by using a new and special kind of online school.

This school is Life of Learning's Online Wisdom School, and it is directed by Guy Finley, who has been writing and teaching about self-remembering and self-realization for over 30 years. Many people call Guy a "modern master," but I prefer to think of Guy as a "regular" person like you and me who has discovered the authentic path to the extraordinary life.

Guy has given thousands of talks, written multi-dozens of books, and published hundreds of articles to give people the specialized knowledge needed to realize their full potential. Over a million people including doctors, psychologists, spiritual leaders, celebrities, and entrepreneurs have discovered and endorse Guy's revolutionary ideas.

One of the reasons why Guy presents so much information in so many different ways is that he knows no two people learn in the same way. Some of us are interested in spiritual principles so we can learn to understand strength, fearlessness, and excellence. Others of us are more interested in kindness, compassion, and beauty. And still others are working with specific issues in our lives such as stress, anger, guilt, regret, addiction, and fear.

The beauty of our Online Wisdom School is that it holds a library of hundreds of full-length talks as well as hundreds of articles, videos, and written questions and answers that approach self-remembering and self-realization from every conceivable angle. Some of the talks are basic, some are advanced, and all of them are immensely powerful. And everything is indexed with keywords so that you can choose the curriculum that's just right for you.

Plus, Guy presents new talks regularly on the grounds of Life of Learning Foundation in Merlin, Oregon, so new material is always being added. And depending upon the membership package you choose, your options include meditative emails, podcasts, and access to our interactive online community (including weekly Go-to-Webinar meetings).

You Don't Have to Worry that Someone Wants to Get Rich Off of You

Our Online Wisdom School is owned and published by non-profit Life of Learning Foundation. Life of Learning is a federally recognized 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. No one at the Foundation, including Guy, receives a salary for the work they do to make this life-changing information available to you.

This school provides you with a unique opportunity for self-transformation. If you truly want to find a more fulfilling life and make a connection to higher powers, here is the help and encouragement that can take you beyond anything you thought possible for yourself.

It's very easy to become a member. And we have different membership plans to choose from to best suit your needs. For all the details visit this link:

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