Steps to "Falling Up" When You're Just About to Go Down
Steps to "Falling Up" When You're Just About to Go Down
  • Posted: October 9, 2020
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Key Lesson

Part 1

Any form of (psychological) suffering that looks back into the past for its "cause" -- or to the future, in the hope of some imagined freedom to come -- isn’t just useless, it’s wasted.

Part 2

Here is the real “secret” of starting over: No moment in life can be any newer than we are willing to be as it dawns within us, inviting us to be a part of its Timelessness.


Have you ever fallen down in a relationship? Fallen down when someone cut you off on the freeway? Fallen down when sudden economic news came at work? Fallen down when a thought revisited you about what mother or father didn't say, or what was taken from you by someone who promised you something and gave you another? Why do we have to fall down? When we fall down physically, gravity pulls us down. When something happens -- when the unwanted moment comes, when the disturbance is there, when something comes in and pushes whatever it is that it pushes -- why does the human being fall down into a negative state?

The reason we fall down into negativity is because that's the best we know to do at the moment. Period. It's mechanical. It's a default action. Every time a certain event takes place in our life, whatever it is, the response is to yield to the gravity in ourselves that pulls us down to the lowest part of ourselves, which is what we express in terms of being negative, depressed, angry, or frightened. Those states, when they appear, convince us that it is our choice to be that way. But no one chooses to limit themselves!

There is the possibility in our lives of not falling down but falling up, and the time we change is when this descending falling force is taking place.

In the moment of being pulled down by the gravity of some fear, resentment, regret -- the moment in which we're carried back to the past with some pain - everything depends upon what we do in that moment. To simply acquiesce means to allow ourselves to be turned over to that mechanical, habitual behavior that all of us know too well, because that's what we do when we fall down.

When the fall is taking place, an opportunity for rising exists.

Learn what it means to "fall up." When you catch yourself falling down, just remember yourself, and instead of going down, release your first reaction. Come wide awake, remember what you're here for, what you want, bear what you have to, and then watch as something brand new is born in you. You'll see it for yourself if you do.

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