Receive the Real Gift of God's Love for You
Receive the Real Gift of God's Love for You
  • Posted: March 8, 2011
  • Duration: 5min 29sec
Talk Notes

Most of us feel love for truth and light only when we believe that it is giving us what we want. But if getting what we want is the only standard by which we measure our love, then when life changes as it must, the love that we profess to have for God will turn into deep resentment and pain over what we believe God has taken from us. When we become identified with anything that we believe we are entitled to, we end up feeling betrayed when life shows us what was never intended to be claimed as a personal possession in the first place.

There is only one way in which we will know that God is love: It is when we love Him not for what He gives us, but for what He shows us about ourselves. That is when we will begin to understand more about the true nature of God's love. Real love is not simply a sentimental idea nor a temporary emotional feeling.


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