Live in the Freedom that is Real
Live in the Freedom that is Real
  • Posted: January 29, 2018
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Key Lesson

Trying to escape the painful effects of spiritual ignorance is like hoping to lose your shadow by running away from the sun.


If we could only remember -- in the now -- the fact that there always comes to us those telling moments when nothing that mattered before matters as it once did; those times when the things formerly valued are seen as being virtually without worth to us, then...

Perhaps we might know our lives painted upon a broader canvas, where our days would not be filled with their shallow strokes of petty self-concerns, but with the gentle brush of what is timeless and true.

And should we -- for the sake of being present to ourselves in the now -- be able to see within ourselves this broad new scale of Being, then we would also know that life itself has never weighed-in upon us so heavily as to hurt us, rather...

It was we -- who in ignorance of reality -- carelessly attributed weight to events that were without substance, causing ourselves to suffer nothing less than the fervent magnitude of our own imagination.

Special Key Lesson in Review

Either we live in the freedom that we know is real -- choosing to embody it in the moment, regardless of the cost -- or we wave a flag called "liberty tomorrow" and suffer the indignity of serving what has already betrayed us.

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