Jump Off the Pain Train

Do you deal with inner pain every day? Are you beginning to sense it doesn’t have to be this way? Are you ready to explore new avenues to free yourself from a force that sucks all the power and joy from your life? These talks give you the deeper spiritual understanding and inner-life tools that can pull you out of your present condition and set you on course to live in a different kind of world.

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Jump Off the Pain Train
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Here Is the One Thing No One Ever Told You About Your Pain

This Is Your Time to . . .

Jump Off the Pain Train

Whether it's a tormenting thought, a heart-breaking emotion, an unrelenting fear, or some deep sense of despair...

By any other name, we’re talking about...pain.

Everybody has it.
No one wants to talk about it.
Seldom do any escape it.

We all know what it’s like. In fact, our pain – and our fear of it – seems so normal to us that we just accept its unnatural limitation as a “natural” part of our life.

And no one is immune. Has someone you thought had it all together ever “opened up” to you to reveal their disappointment in a life that’s filled with frustration and seems to be going nowhere, except maybe deeper into despair?

Or maybe disclose how their seemingly perfect relationship, career, appearance of confidence, or whatever isn’t at all what it seems?

Yes, pain is a big player in our lives, pushing us to do things to relieve it that only seem to increase its power over us.

But, here’s another fact: there are a few who have learned how to use it...as a power that can change everything about their lives. They may find themselves attacked by the same kind of thoughts and feelings that attack all of us . . . BUT THEY DON’T GIVE IN TO THEM – AND THEY DON’T SUFFER FROM THEM.

On the contrary, they use the same life situations we all face to find new power and inner freedom. And they are doing it by following certain principles that enable them to gain greater understanding and new appreciation for life in circumstances that hold other people hostage.

Does that make you wonder, “If I’m feeling so much pain, what do those people know that I don’t know? What’s the one thing no one ever told me about my pain that changes everything?”

“And how can I learn it for myself?”

What Would Your Life Be Like if You Could Jump Off the Pain Train?

People who are liberated from the tyranny of pain have no special talent or luck that you can’t have. They have simply gathered a special set of inner-life tools that enable them to approach the difficulties they meet from a whole new perspective.

With the right kind of information – and those same right tools – you too can have a completely new relationship with life so that pain is no longer your automatic response when things go awry.

What would that look like?

Here are just some of the wonders and benefits you can know when you start using your current pain to pull yourself out of a pain-oriented mindset and enter a world where pain is no longer in charge. You can:

  • See the intelligent design underlying the events of your life so you can align yourself with the path to growth, instead of falling into a pit because of your own misguided attempts to “fix” things

  • Recognize the nature within you that only knows (and ONLY WANTS) to respond with pain, and pry its hands off the steering wheel

  • Understand the surprising, true cause of depression and how to free yourself from its debilitating influence on your life

  • Stop being ruled and abused by your expectations, and start meeting people and events with a fresh eye and new delight

  • Experience your life from a new, higher order of being, where the correct and healthy pathway out of any situation that troubles you is obvious

It sounds wonderful doesn’t it? But where do we get the kind of information we can use to experience this new kind of life?

Where can any of us get the specific, individual guidance and instruction that can help us break through to this new level of our own being?

The fact is, this kind of information is available. And you can have access to it in Guy’s liberating program, Jump Off the Pain Train!

This is your chance to learn everything you ever wanted to know about painful thoughts and feelings, but that it hurts too much to ask. Here is the spiritual inspiration, the practical tools, and the personal encouragement you need to put yourself in the hands of a power greater than any pain.

This step-by-step guidance goes right to the heart of your most troubling issues and shows you a new way to meet them that will take away their ability to hurt you. Here are just some of the pain-transforming secrets you will learn:

  • 5 ways to “train your pain” and turn it into a healing power

  • How to call on the perfect strength of higher self-knowledge

  • The real reason why you can’t escape the pain of your past

  • 12 words to put you in charge of any nagging thoughts and feelings

  • A simple practice you can use to empty your “pockets of pain”

  • How to stop letting painful thoughts and feelings tell you who you are

  • How to uncover a completely new kind of gratitude for your life

Get the Information That Will Open Your Heart and Mind and
Forever Change Your Relationship With Life!

Do you deal with inner pain every day?

Are you beginning to sense it shouldn’t have to be this way?

Are you ready to explore new avenues to free yourself from a force that sucks all the power and joy out of your life?

Then let Jump Off the Pain Train give you the deeper spiritual understanding that can pull you out of your present condition and set you on course to live in a different kind of world.

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Q&A Webinar with Guy Finley

Bonus Talk: Don't Resist Revelation, Assist in the Birth of Your True Self

Bonus Interview: Turn Any Pain into a Healing Power

Bonus eBook: Realize the Unconditional Authority of Your True Self

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