Open Yourself to the Transformative Power of Spring
Open Yourself to the Transformative Power of Spring
  • Posted: April 19, 2020
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Key Lesson

Part 1

Love is an endless journey nestled into a self-perfecting plan that can’t be “seen,” only lived; its never-ending path unfolds within a timeless Kingdom wherein everyone -- and everything -- we meet along the way is our traveling partner.

Part 2

The vast majority of humanity views the idea of spiritual rebirth as a prize to be claimed: a sort of special possession, like winning a tropical island in a high-stakes lottery. But true rebirth is nothing of the kind; it is the abiding, indwelling presence of a silently intelligent awareness -- pregnant with expectation, yet perfectly patient -- that is in the world (of passing time), but not of it.


Just as the sun rises each morning to dismiss the twelve hours of darkness that came before, so the appearance of spring signals a similar moment - only in a greater scale of time; for with the dawn of the spring, the many dark months of winter must loose their collective grip, giving way to a gently increased measure of light and warmth that stirs the earth from its slumber. During this time of the year, it would be easier to stop the earth from spinning than to stop the surge of new life being awakened within her.

Seeds buried in the earth are broken open from the inside out, made to release their delicate shoots of grasses, herbs, and flowers that reach for the light above them. And, as if by magic, along the sides of seemingly lifeless branches appear silver-green buds of baby leaves that stretch out to unfold themselves like banners in the sun.

Life is beginning again everywhere, and so can we, if we are willing.

The power of spring lends us the fresh forces we need to break through and to let go of old patterns. During this time of the year the possibility of making a brand new beginning in life is never greater. Why is this true? Because spring also dawns within us, and if we will align ourselves with the power of its presence, then the unstoppable principle of rebirth itself will work for us.

How can we harness this planetary power for our own good? Here are just a few of the many ways we can work with spring to start a new life for ourselves:

All past wishes lying dormant within us - to outgrow old limitations - should be brought out into the light of our longing to transform them and be left there to bathe in our need to be free. Whatever conditions in life may have once overcome us should be re-challenged now, regardless of past results.

And, as spring marks the return of a celestial light that gradually grows greater than the darkness it has come to dismiss, so is this the best time to stand up and start walking through whatever frightens us.

We should work to detect and detach ourselves from old heartaches, keeping our eye on emerging possibilities, instead of looking back at lost opportunities. By acting in this way - as though we are free - we find that what once held us captive no longer has the power to keep us down. We succeed because we have become partners with the light of Real Life.

Lastly, spring is a time of great and natural tension for all living creatures on earth. Nature sows into every last one of her children an urgency to seek out their "other" and to procreate in order to ensure the continuity of their species.

This means that each spring great forces are released to work upon and within us. Life is literally seeking itself through us, asking us to open ourselves and receive what will renew us. But, if we would receive this new life, with all its promise, then we must be willing to sacrifice within us whatever stands in its way. We can only be made as new as we are willing to let go of who we have been, and springtime not only awakens this need within us, but it also grants us the possibility of its realization.

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