Uncover the Treasure of Your True Self
Uncover the Treasure of Your True Self
  • Posted: July 25, 2011
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Key Lesson

Compared to the wealth of true self-knowledge, worldly riches amount to little more than "chump change."


Every saint, sage, and wise man or woman from every timeless tradition -- East or West, past or present -- has a special message for you: You have been left a great inheritance. A treasure chest of spiritual gifts awaits you; you need only claim it for your own. But this is no ordinary treasure; within this great chest lie others -- chest within chest within chest -- each one holding a prize that increases the value of the one before it!

Here's what awaits you in the first great chest: Your birthright to be free.

Let's pause to consider the magnitude of this gift, keeping in mind how often we step, unaware, into the small prison cell of some self-compromising thought or feeling.

One thing we already know is that worry, doubt, resentment, and fear -- whatever their shape or form -- hold captive anyone unwary enough to fall into their web of woe. But your reclaimed birthright authorizes you to be as naturally free of these negative states as it is for you to be full of "grace under fire," regardless of how dire circumstances may seem. And there's more.

Yours is also the right to effortlessly recognize and release anger and frustration, to be able to see them for exactly what they are -- false powers disguised as helpful guides in times of duress. And taking their place -- as flowers replace weeds in a well-cared-for garden -- are new powers of kindness, patience, and love. These characteristics are born of a living light that gently sweeps away whatever remains within you to oppose your liberation.

And what about the remainder of your yet-to-be opened chests -- the ones holding the rest of your inheritance? In these unlocked treasure boxes, you'll find the rest of the new spiritual knowledge you'll need to reclaim the rights belonging to your original Self. Here's a partial list of these remaining gifts:

  • Unshakable faith in the goodness of life.
  • Perfect confidence that all things are fair and just, in spite of temporary appearances.
  • An effortless relationship with an order of reality whose timeless ground is the nature of success itself.

So now, let's actually open the first of our spiritual treasure chests. It's time to start gathering the facts we need to reclaim our lost legacy of freedom...

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