Unmask the #1 Source of Heartache, Fear, Worry, and Regret

Tonight, millions of men and women will climb into bed struggling with broken hearts, knotted stomachs, and frightened nerves. For some it's the bleakness of a shattered relationship... or the gnawing suspicion that they can no longer trust their partner. For others it's the dread over the presentation they've been asked to give, or the project they've put off to the last minute. And st...

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Unmask the #1 Source of Heartache, Fear, Worry, and Regret
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Tonight, millions of men and women will climb into bed struggling with broken hearts, knotted stomachs, and frightened nerves.

For some it's the bleakness of a shattered relationship... or the gnawing suspicion that they can no longer trust their partner.

For others it's the dread over the presentation they've been asked to give, or the project they've put off to the last minute.

And still others find themselves haunted by a terrible memory from their past.

The tragedy?

If these men and women had been shown the truth about their condition, they could have made this one crucial discovery: There's a way to drop every last bit of that pain and anxiety without having to change a single thing about the circumstances.

And what is the truth about their condition? It begins with a surprising fact:

The Little-Known Cause of Stress, Anxiety, Fear, Anger, Depression, Jealousy, Worry, Guilt, Disappointment, Panic, Frustration... and Virtually All Other Tormenting Feelings

Nestled inside of you -- right this very moment -- there exist unseen forces and faculties that were intended to serve you.

Properly understood, these master craftsmen will carry out any request you make of them.

But left unattended, they become hoodlums and bullies who'll turn on you in an instant. Once they do, they won't back down until you've been overpowered and overwhelmed.

Would you like an example of these powers gone bad?


That's right... imagination.

Properly tuned and maintained, imagination serves as an extraordinary catalyst to creativity, invention, and new possibilities.

But left wandering and unattended, imagination can infect and cripple your mind.

In fact, it's a special form of imagination -- "Unconscious Daydreaming" -- that is the actual cause of practically every fear, phobia, anxiety, depression, worry, anger, defeat, disappointment, panic, and dissatisfaction you will ever face.

It doesn't matter what it is. If it results in psychological torment, Unconscious Daydreaming is to blame.

Those terrible feelings of loss and betrayal you felt when that person walked out on you? They're caused by Unconscious Daydreaming.

That distressing thought that tells you life is passing you by and you still haven't made your mark? It's caused by Unconscious Daydreaming too.

The fear of public speaking? You guessed it. Unconscious Daydreaming.

No matter what example you take, if you track it back to its real cause, you'll find it rooted in Unconscious Daydreaming.

Don't Let the Circumstances Fool You

I want to be clear about one thing right from the start: The circumstances involved make absolutely no difference.

It doesn't matter what just happened in the outer world of business, love, finances, or friendships.

It doesn't matter how hard your heart is pounding ... how badly your palms are sweating ... or how wildly your stomach is tumbling.

The real reason you find yourself cornered by any crisis has nothing at all to do with the situation you're in. It has to do with what's taking place in this invisible world of Unconscious Daydreams.

But how could that be? How could Unconscious Daydreams be responsible for ALL of these terrifying moments?

Look at your own past experiences and you'll see for yourself.

The Relationship Crisis
Think back to that night when your significant other came home over 3 hours late. The only thing you'd been told was, "I'm going out for drinks with some friends from work; I should be home by 9." And there you were, 3 hours later, huddled in the corner of your living room sofa, peeking at the clock every five or six minutes, and agonizing over thoughts of where he could be, what he might be doing.

The Public Speaking Nightmare
Or think back to that time when you were called up to speak in front of that group. How your heart pounded, and your stomach wouldn't stop quivering. Multiple deep breaths did almost nothing to stave off the fear. And as you walked up to the microphone, your mind bombarded you with images of what those people would think if they saw how nervous you were.

The Social Blunder
Or how about that inappropriate comment that slipped out right in front of those people you wanted to impress? How that awful blunder replayed in your mind for two days straight!

It doesn't matter what the situation, if you look at it closely, here's what you'll discover:

It was your own mind that was terrorizing you, not the circumstances!

Somehow your own imagination had turned against you. And all it did was feed you one frightening image after another. Which means the real crisis was never the condition, but the fact you'd gotten carried away by a torent of fearful imagination!

"How Did I Miss This Simple Fact?"

Incredibly, this means there was only one place where that terrible crisis actually existed:

In your imagination... and nowhere else.

"Whoa, whoa... wait just a minute. Are you trying to tell me I imagined the whole thing?"

No, certainly not. The physical circumstances and the sequence of events that unfolded, those were real. No doubt about that.

But -- and this is the important part -- the agonizing pain you endured as a result? That was the product of Unconscious Daydreaming, and nothing else.

Now just think what this means...

It means that if you learn how to drop that incessant mental movie, and I mean REALLY drop it, your stress will go with it.

So will your fears.

So will your problems with family, friends, and lovers. And your procrastination. And your jealousy, your anger, your depression. And all the rest of those pernicious thoughts and feelings that make it impossible to get a good night's sleep. Like dominoes that all topple over at once, you'll see the whole structure collapse.

Oh what you've just uncovered!

Whether you realize it or not, you now know the real cause behind the tens of thousands of recurring crises and heartaches that men and women spend a lifetime battling.

Which brings us to the most important question of all:

"But How Do I Put This Into Practice?"

Don't worry, you're not alone. This is where everybody gets tripped up.

Fortunately, bestselling author Guy Finley recently devoted an entire 1-hour program to explaining how it all works. The program is called, Unmask the #1 Source of Heartache, Fear, Worry, and Regret. Inside this one little program is the wisdom and instruction I wish I'd had 20 years ago. If you find yourself battling with heartache, fears, stress, resentment, depression, anger, jealousy, regret, anything at all, get yourself a copy of this program and immerse yourself in it! You'll be glad you did.

I can tell you one thing for certain: If you take this understanding into your day and work to apply it, you will find yourself having some rather astonishing new experiences.

Let me give you an example. Most people who have never heard these ideas are intrigued, captivated, sometimes even baffled by the man or woman who's beginning to put them into practice.

What an experience to be around someone who no longer lugs around a sack of problems everywhere he goes! What a delight to spend time with someone who no longer thinks she's a victim. Talk about good company!

You're drawn to a person like that. Drawn by her strength. By her character. By the fact she's no longer trying to wrestle life to the ground.

Such people are formidable. They effortlessly attract the respect of others. They make a startling impression wherever they go.

"And How Will My Life Change as a Result?"

That's the big question, isn't it? Honestly, it could go one of ten million different ways. But if you're anything like the men and women whose testimonials line the files in our front office, it might play out something like this:

At first the day starts out like any other.

You wake up to your alarm clock blaring. You take a deep breath, rub your eyes, and fling off the covers. Another day of drudgery. But hold on a second, something's different. Where's the morning dread? Where are all the pressurized feelings: "Gotta go!" "Gotta get!" "Gotta do!" Ahh yes... you know exactly where they are. They're standing on the other side of an internal door -- a door you've finally learned to shut!

Just then a demanding little voice whispers, "Go on, hit the snooze button. Just 10 more minutes. You deserve it."

But the voice is little more than an echo. No match for the new understanding that's beginning to form within you. And just like that you get up and walk right straight through its pleading threats.

Of course that's just one possibility. This new understanding affects everything that happens to you throughout the day.

Take a typical staff meeting at work, as another example.

Do you know who will command that meeting? The answer may surprise you. It won't be the intimidator in the group. It won't be the one with the phony rah-rah speeches. It won't even be the one with the most business insight. It will be the individual who has total command over the reactions that rise up inside of him moment-to-moment-to-moment.

Why is that?

Because when he has complete command over his own internal reactions, he will have complete command over those same reactions when they appear in others.

And that's exactly what starts to happen as you take command of that rapid-fire Unconscious Daydreaming.

The New Experiences That Await You

We're talking about the real deal. This is how you actually break free of all those terrible crises and unrelenting problems. So far I've given you just two examples of the new insights and experiences that await you as you work with this new understanding. But there are countless others:

  1. How to drop those horrible mental movies that force you to re-live past mistakes, embarrassing social blunders, or missed opportunities.

  2. Why it's unnecessary -- in reality -- for you ever to feel overwhelmed by life. For you ever to feel afraid. For you ever to endure heartache or anxiety if your spouse threatens to leave you.

  3. How to escape the restless ambition that can't relax until you've started your own business, bought the Porsche, or built that log cabin in the Rockies. What does any of that matter to you? You've discovered how to extinguish discontent at its source.

  4. Why it's a terrible mistake ever to fight with a relationship crisis... or any other crisis for that matter.

  5. How to stop caving in to the thought that whispers, "let's put this off until tomorrow."

  6. How to discover an unshakable patience that doesn't blow up and unleash a verbal onslaught when criticized or challenged by others.

  7. How letting go of Unconscious Daydreams leads to a new understanding that makes it impossible to ever again feel abandoned by life.

There's a Way to Live That Few People Ever Discover

Guy Finley said it himself: This program shows you a way to live that very few people will ever know.

Whether you realize it or not, there is a world inside of you that is already free. You can have direct access to it, and it's yours for the taking.

I know it might not seem like it right now. After all, this isn't something that gets served up on a silver platter. Before you can access it you need to understand what Guy explains in this program.

But I will tell you this:

When you finally learn how to take hold of the faculties inside of you, you'll find yourself dwelling in a "world" that other people can't even believe exists. They literally won't believe what you claim is possible... and for good reason. How could they even begin to believe you if they haven't yet tasted the experience for themselves?

But that's of no consequence. Because by that time you will be living in that world... with all of its beauty and its power and its strength.

Whatever you do, don't put this off. Get your copy of this program, and find out for yourself how to Unmask the #1 Source of Heartache, Fear, Worry, and Regret.

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