Being Fearless and Free: The Essential Laws of Peace, Power & Perfect Living

Being Fearless and Free: The Essential Laws of Peace, Power & Perfect Living

Most people don't believe what you are about to learn, but that doesn't alter the truth of it. There is an invisible barrier that stands in the way of our happiness. The evidence is all around us. Only the few are willing to see it. And these people succeed where most others fail. What is it that stands in the way between us and the kind of success we've always dreamed of?...

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Most people don't believe what you are about to learn, but that doesn't alter the truth of it.

There is an invisible barrier that stands in the way of our happiness. The evidence is all around us. Only the few are willing to see it. And these people succeed where most others fail.

What is it that stands in the way between us and the kind of success we've always dreamed of?


Yes, it's true. Even the most successful people in the world fear losing what they have gained. We see it all the time.

The rich fear losing their wealth. The most powerful fear losing control. Those in the most successful relationships fear losing their love. The most famous actors fear that their next film will be a flop. Fear is built into the fabric of success the way we currently know it.

But there is a different kind of success.

Real success.

Permanent success.

Fearless success!

In fact, it is only the fearless who are truly successful.

When we learn how to live a life without fear, success comes naturally. And, contrary to what many believe, a fearless life IS possible. It isn't some ideal reserved for movie heroes and Buddhist monks -- YOU can have a fearless life!

All that it takes to have a fearless life is a special kind of hidden knowledge and the willingness to put it into practice.

In his groundbreaking audio album, Being Fearless and Free, Guy Finley reveals this special hidden knowledge, and explains step-by-step how to put it into practice.

Discover these empowering secrets:

  • How to dismantle the fearful superstructure of the lower mind

  • Why fear is the "mind killer"

  • How and why the universe is set up for you to succeed

  • How to step boldly and confidently into any challenge

  • How success and Love are intimately connected

  • How to use every event to strengthen your gratitude for being alive

  • And much more

A Life Without Fear is Your Birthright!

Most people want you to believe fear and worry are necessary parts of life. They say you must accept them... learn to live with them... make peace with them. Nothing could be further from the truth!

Such people spend their life on this earth trembling before all that life has to offer them. You can be different. You can realize something so strong and unshakable within you that nothing this world throws at you can strip it away.

Imagine such a life... imagine your life unlimited by any kind of fear...

Who would you be? Where would you go? What couldn't you do?

To be fearless is to be naturally bold, spontaneously creative, and immune to intimidation. It is to act wisely and decisively in any situation.

YOU can learn to live without fear. YOU can have a truly fearless life where success is built into everything you do!

Table of Contents

Part 1: Recorded Live at Life of Learning Foundation

Talk 1: Choose to Live the Incomparable Life!

  • There is only one way to make any real changes in your life, and that is by being different now!

Talk 2: Starting Over Is the Same as Being Fearless

  • The only way to realize a ""happy ending"" in this life is to see, here and now, that what is always Beginning has no unhappiness in it that needs repair!

Talk 3: Outgrow Your Fears and Be Free

  • Who you really are doesn't need protection from any event in life - regardless of how challenging - any more than a mountain needs a raincoat to get through a summer storm!

Talk 4: Walk Out of the Fearful World Called ""Wanna-Be""

  • The Divine cannot transform what you've imagined yourself to be, any more than sunlight can make fruit grow on a painted tree.

Talk 5: Make the Leap That Liberates You From Any Limitation

  • Limitations are illusions because they exist only for as long as we resist going through what we must to prove them as being so.

Talk 6: Tap Into the Unlimited Power You Have for Transforming Yourself

  • Whatever is in our way, is part of the Way.

Part 2: Recorded Live at the Omega Institute

Talk 7: Feel the Touch of Fearlessness

  • When you know that what you're looking for is what you already are - and not what you may become - you stand on the threshold of fearless living.

Talk 8: Build a Bridge to Your Own Highest Possibilities

  • To realize the power of the present moment requires being in it, much as one must first enter a river to be carried along by its flow. And what is the nature of these living waters that can carry us to a life free of fear? (It is) the presence of a Timeless Intelligence that knows, regardless of how things appear... Everything is exactly as it needs to be, even as it moves towards what is always better.

Talk 9: Learn to Look Beyond Yourself and Be Free

  • The secret source of most fear and suffering is being spiritually ""shortsighted.""

Talk 10: Make Space for Something New to Happen to You

  • The clearer we can see that the only thing assaulting us in any given unwanted moment is our own negative reaction, the nearer we are to being released from this self-created captivity.

Talk 11: Reach for a Brand New Relationship With Life

  • If we ever think to ourselves, more than once, that we hate what we're doing with our life...this means we would rather sit and hate our circumstances than act, as we must, in order to change them.

Talk 12: One, Two, Thee

  • Choose to walk through whatever wants you to hide from your fears, and you walk through the door that leads to the fearless life.

Talk 13: Turn Any Dark State Away From Your Door

  • Without you lending them an ""ear,"" the voices running through your head would be no harder for you to bear than is a breeze for the branches of a tree through which it passes without being hindered.

Talk 14: Welcome the Light That Makes Your Life Bright!

  • Trying to change ourselves in order to please others -- so that we can feel temporarily whole for having won their approval -- is like cutting a flower into pieces so that it will fit into a vase.

Talk 15: The Wisdom and the Way to Be Fearless and Free

  • Nothing we spend our lives struggling to take from this world has the power to grant us the one thing we long to possess above all else: our own nature.

Talk 16: An Invitation to a Meditation on Life Without End

  • The real and secret value of self-discovery is the dawning awareness that there's no one there who needs to fear anything that's discovered.
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