Let Go and Be at Peace
Let Go and Be at Peace
  • Posted: October 6, 2014
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Key Lesson

The more complex your life, the more vulnerable it is to the random exterior forces that can cause it to come crashing down. This is why -- speaking both physically and psychologically -- the simpler your life, the more stable it is; when one's peace of mind requires juggling many parts... all the more easily does one's peace come tumbling down.


Being at peace, and learning to live with quiet confidence -- even as the world spins wildly around us -- begins as we realize within us the presence and power of an interior stillness that neither needs, nor searches for, anything outside of itself in order to quietly know itself.

During these last three months of the year -- as we watch the life force of nature withdraw itself -- we see fields of green turn from gold to brown. Leaves lose their sheen and fall, without ceremony, to the earth that will consume them. Still, in all of this we know there is nothing to fear. Great nature must take her rest in order to resume being active again when conditions allow. It is our time as well to embrace this natural repose, letting go of whatever lives within us that wants to drive us forward without regard for our need to rest.

"To everything there is a season" -- so goes this tried and true ancient wisdom. Fall is the season for gently stepping back from whatever it is that we endeavor to be in life; it is the time for honestly evaluating our own pressing desires in order to discern the difference between what genuinely serves us and what simply enslaves us.

Learning to let go in this way honors life, because it is true to what Life needs in order to succeed within us and through us.

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