Let the Love of Truth Give You a Fearless Life
Let the Love of Truth Give You a Fearless Life
  • Posted: September 19, 2004
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Key Lesson

The reward of being True to ourselves becomes more and more apparent as we realize that most of the fears that stalk us are created by us when we are false to others, or to ourselves; too late we discover that to compromise our own integrity is the same as forsaking our wish to be fearless and free.


Science now knows what enlightened sages have been saying since time began: The true nature of all things is change. Everything is always becoming. Which means nothing can be truly considered without taking into account those forces driving these invisible changes.

What science has yet to learn is that these governing forces working behind all becoming possess their own intelligence, and that all things are transforming endlessly according to their relationship with this intelligence.

Creatures with fixed natures must become what their natures dictate. Lions, flowers, and fish are without choice in this respect. However, human beings are endowed with certain features in their nature that may allow them to choose what they become. And since the choice is not whether to become one thing or another, but rather in whose likeness we are becoming, the wise among us see this fact and work accordingly to align ourselves with those forces intuited to be for the highest good. Then their goodness becomes our own, and our lives become their expression. Here is the key to this highest of relationships:

Learning to love what is good begins with being truthful about what we presently love and what we are becoming because of our relationship with it. This higher level of self-awareness actually transforms the life it becomes aware of, and as we are transformed by it -- and begin becoming new within it -- then we know the true benefit of being a lover of Truth is that this Love becomes us. And, as the following benefits are designed to reveal, this ever-renewing Love fears nothing!

  • Only the lover of Truth knows the one Love that increases itself even as it waits patiently for him to expire all of his other loves.

  • Only the lover of Truth knows that for every truth willingly endured arrives a greater willingness to endure even more -- for she also knows that the harsh light she now sees herself in heralds not the end of her life, but holds its true beginning.

  • Only the lover of Truth knows the unyielding attractive force of that truth not yet his own, and that beckons him to forsake all else for its dawning.

  • Only the lover of Truth can know that singular fearlessness that comes with knowing there is no such thing as any truth to be feared.

  • Only the lover of Truth recognizes the secret goodness hidden in the heart of every disappointment or sorrow.

  • Only the lover of Truth has the wisdom not to condemn herself, or another, for any weakness revealed -- for she knows that any truth revealed to the lover of Truth is the same as one already on its way to being healed by that same Love.

  • Only the lover of Truth knows that whatever love he has been given to know is not his, but belongs to Truth alone.

  • Only the lover of Truth accepts the responsibility that attends such a love, including being willing to forsake herself for its sake.

  • Only the lover of Truth rests content with all -- or the little -- that he may have, for his contentment rests not within what he may or may not possess, but with his love of being the possession of the Truth that he loves.

Pondering these truths about our relationship with Truth helps us to realize their promise of a fearless life. Here is a good way to put into practice these new ideas: Winning the Love in your heart that you know you want begins with awakening to what you now love without knowing it. Every day, every moment you can, come wide awake to yourself and see the false friends you have been holding near and dear within your heart. Don't judge.

Excerpted From: Seeker's Guide to Self-Freedom: Truths for Living, pages 139-141.

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