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The Intimate Enemy: Winning the War Within Yourself

Learn the secrets of how to let go of what has been holding you down in life. Consider what you usually think of as being the cause of pain or dissatisfaction in your life. Maybe a betraying friend, shaky finances, a difficult workplace, or perhaps a past issue that still punishes you? And why it is that with all you've done to shake this suffering...

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The Intimate Enemy: Winning the War Within Yourself
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Learn the secrets of how to let go of what has been holding you down in life.

Consider what you usually think of as being the cause of pain or dissatisfaction in your life. Maybe a betraying friend, shaky finances, a difficult workplace, or perhaps a past issue that still punishes you? And why it is that with all you've done to shake this suffering out of your life, it still survives?

Now think about those moments in your life highlighted by happiness. Why are these seldom-enough times so temporary? Why should simply enjoying life seem so hard?

There is an answer to these questions that all of us have asked; a secret answer that at once dispels the darkness of a thousand defeats and that provides a way to lasting contentment and self-renewing happiness. Watch how quickly your whole life changes for the better after you discover this secret answer! Here's a hint. Everything hinges upon your awareness of this one simple truth:

Freedom from what is unwanted by you begins with awakening to what is unseen within you.

The enemy behind your life problems is not who, or what, you think. It does not live outside of you, but dwells within your own present mind.

Without your knowledge, invisible psychological characters inhabit your inner being and make choices for you -- choices that work against your real life interests. Applying this book's higher principles to your life helps you to expose and dismiss these self-compromising characters and reveals the truth about who you really are. The freedom you've longed for follows. You'll learn to align yourself with life's secret direction, which invites the greatest power in the universe to take your side.

Welcome to the most extraordinary adventure of your life. You are about to meet and defeat the intimate enemy. Victory is guaranteed. As you learn the inside story about what's been defeating you, you'll escape the circle of self, shatter self-limitation, and discover a whole new kind of inner success!

Written with Dr. Ellen Dickstein.

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Chapter 1: Awakening to the Self above All Struggles

  • Discover the Hidden Forces behind the War within You
  • Sure Guarantees for Swift Progress
  • New Facts for Real Strength
  • The True View that Starts the Healing in You
  • Correct This Mistake and Change Your Life
  • How to Make Problems Fall Away
  • Win Permanent Victory over the Enemy Within

Chapter 2: Let Truth Take You Beyond Your Troubles

  • New Light that Reveals and Heals Old Pains
  • How to End Every Pain
  • Go from Storms To Sunny Skies
  • Regain Your Right to Be Self-Ruling
  • You Can Conquer Any Condition
  • The Secret Understanding that Makes Painful Events Disappear
  • Put the Universe on Your Side

Chapter 3: Positive Steps to Drop Negative Spirits

  • Catch Hitch-Hiking Spirits in the Act
  • Get to the Bottom of What's Betraying You
  • The Hidden Message in the Mechanical Pumpkin
  • You Can be Stronger than Any Dark Spirit
  • The Power to Dissolve Any Negative State
  • Discover the Remarkable Power of Attention
  • Find New Strength in Awakened Attention

Chapter 4: Meet and Defeat the Intimate Enemy

  • A Startling Revelation that Brings True Success
  • The Internal Working of the Intimate Enemy
  • Meet the Temporary Person in Charge of You
  • How Awakened Awareness Leads to Victory

Chapter 5: Break Free of All Painful Patterns

  • Make The Shadows in Your Life Disappear
  • Discover the New You in a New View
  • Shed New Light on the Pain of Impermanence
  • Anchor Yourself to an Unsinkable Security
  • How to Care for Yourself in a New Way
  • Break the Chains of False Responsibility
  • Turn to the Power that Transforms You
  • Beginning to Take Back Your Life

Chapter 6: Your Inner Victory Conquers All

  • New Self-Knowledge and the Next Step
  • Live in Harmony with Reality
  • The Little Boy Who Laughed Away the ""Haunted"" House
  • The Right Choice that Keeps You Safe
  • Rise Above All Runaway Reactions
  • Let Truth Help You Win Yourself

Chapter 7: The Authority to Reclaim Your Life

  • The War Correspondent's Amazing Discovery
  • Transfer Yourself into a New Life
  • Leave Your Troubles Behind You Where They Belong
  • Why Asking for a Higher View Makes a Happier You
  • Put Yourself Where Freedom Finds You
  • Free Yourself from Every False Authority
  • Take Back Authority over Your Own Life
  • The Power of Being Single-Minded

Chapter 8: Start Enlarging Your World with Self-Study

  • How Higher Self-Study Helps Reveal Your Higher Self
  • New and True Benefits that Self-Study Brings
  • Seek the Self-Knowledge that is Life's True Treasure
  • How to Achieve Your Heart's Desire
  • Make Your Escape to a Better Life With Self-Study
  • Four Insights that Guarantee Self-Success
  • Let the Light Fight for You

Chapter 9: The Freedom of Living in the First Person

  • Taking Charge of the Temporary Person in Charge
  • Find the Magic of the Original Moment
  • Stepping Outside the Circle of Self
  • How to Release Yourself from Yourself
  • Your Final Victory over the Intimate Enemy

Chapter 10: Powerful Answers to Help You Help Yourself

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