Crash Through These Self-Confining Thoughts
Crash Through These Self-Confining Thoughts
  • Posted: March 20, 2017
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Key Lesson

The greatest point of resistance, the moment of its greatest intensity, whether it's a rose just about to open, an aircraft just about to break the sound barrier, or whatever it may be, is always just prior to the moment of transformation or release.


The key to leaving behind our self-created and self-limited world is found in our willingness to keep going, even when it "feels" like something bad is happening to us or that we're going "nowhere fast." The idea of quitting or turning back is the unfortunate option that occurs only when we have an incomplete understanding of any given situation. This is where higher self-knowledge becomes so important for our real inner progress. When you know in your heart that you must keep going but your feet just aren't getting the message, self-understanding can open and carry you through doors that self-insistence cannot. Here's how:

Every sustained effort you make to grow beyond yourself -- to help effect a real change in your present level of consciousness -- brings up in you a host of negative thoughts and feelings that can't wait to point out the negatives as to why this can't be done. We've all heard their whine within. They cry out, "no way," "why try?" "too tough" -- on and on it goes. Unexamined, these inner voices appear to have our best interests in mind. But they lie, and to see the truth of this deception is vital in our quest for self-victory. We need only persist with our wish to wake up, let go, and know the truth of ourselves and -- in spite of their vigorous protest -- these same resistant reactions will be forced to reveal themselves as the hulking giants of fear and despair that they have always been! They are not your friends. In fact, their only appointed task is to see to it that you turn back. These fierce but fake fiends usually accomplish their task by making you believe that you can't go any further with them blocking the way.

At this important stage of your inner development, there may be times when it will seem to you as though there is no way out. Keep in mind that these false friends want you to feel that way. You'll be glad to learn that the truth has something better for you to do than feel trapped. Here is its instruction:

Each time you reach this inner point of self-uncertainty where you know you must take a step but you also know that you can no longer ask how, just go ahead and step forward anyway! Step into what appears to be the darkness ahead of you. Nothing bad will happen. In fact, something miraculous will occur right before your eyes. Your decision in favor of this bold new action thrusts you into the spiritual Now, where the actual moment itself teaches you everything you need to know about how to proceed. Moving away from the mental how into the spiritual Now places you under the guiding influences of an intelligence that never fears the unknown, because higher understanding is its very nature. To your grateful astonishment, this new order of intelligence does for you what you were certain you could not do for yourself: it solves the dilemma; it finds the way. All you need to do is follow.

Excerpted From: The Secret of Letting Go, pages 180-187

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