Real Life: Lesson #1
Real Life: Lesson #1
  • Posted: December 27, 2010
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Key Lesson

Until we're willing to take the path through life whose signpost is marked "unknown," we are destined to travel along the old ways, regardless of how many new names we give to them.


Once we awaken to see that each of our lives is an integral part of an eternal turning point, and that nothing changes in this great Life without changing everything within it, then we can let go of trying to change ourselves and simply take our natural place, participating in the power of the Life Awakened.

This principle is critical to us if we want to understand how we find a life greater than ourselves, a God-centered life, a life that is not part of our present order of life where we decide how we're going to change our life. We make changes only to find out that we did change certain things, but what is essential didn't change because we still feel fear, anxiety, anger, or regret. We make physical changes based on events, but we don't make spiritual changes.

The reason we keep repeating the same pattern is that we want to be the one who "controls" change -- who knows what the change is, what it means, and what to do with it. The mind is forever assembling images to define the sensations and impressions that go through us so it can know itself and be in control of something. But if we want to wake up, there has to come a point where we begin to recognize that this control is not all it's cracked up to be. There's a lot of pain in it, because it only lasts until the next event comes along, usually in the form of some crisis.

In those moments, Life is saying to us that we have tried our whole life to somehow or other control the changes that take place because we have the capacity to imagine an outcome. When we feel the pleasure of the imagined outcome, we believe that relationship is life and those sensations are vitality. That relationship is not life. It belongs to a certain order of a human being that we are created to transcend by beginning to recognize the inherent limitations in it.

In order for change to take place, we must be changed. Being changed is a totally different relationship with life than trying to change ourselves. The great mystery of true transformation, of what it means to be a part of the Life Awakened, is that it is no longer about a person trying to change this or that as they go along, but to recognize that everything is taking place now, and that there really isn't an instant in which a turning point isn't taking place.

We tend to think of turning points as a kind of event, something that happens at a designated point in our life where we need to make a choice. The idea of a turning point for us is reaching a crossroads and deciding to follow a new path. But wherever we are, we are in a universe that is never not turning, changing everything else around it while it turns -- even though we can't see it. There are resonances, vibrations, forces, energies constantly moving around us.

When the universe turns, we are intended ourselves to turn with it. When God's life moves, we are intended to move with that Life. The purpose of that Life is for us to understand our life in it, but we don't understand our life in it because we sit outside of it, trying to figure out what to do with what we call "change."

If we want to have a life awakened in real Life, we must use the turning points in a new way. We can use the changing we see to bring ourselves into God's life. There is no moment in which we can't see with our inner eyes that things are moving. Without trying to find a position by which to understand the movement, we can live with it, let it talk to us, let it change as it would change. Then we'll begin to go through what it means to have the Life Awakened, which means that we are that in which all these changes are taking place rather than just a series of sensations or changes as we are at present. In a sense, we are all of these changes and yet we are something that is totally changeless, because we can let all of the changing take place, watch it, and be brought to life through it, to live in it without thinking or fantasizing about it.

Use the moment. Let what you see changing bring you to awareness of the changing it is producing in you, and become the observer. Learn what it means to watch, and you'll see something that will help you understand why this life need not have fear in it, and why you are intended to discover for yourself God's life in you through Him.

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