Freedom From the Ties That Bind

Think for a moment what your life would be like if you lived in a world where reality and your happiness were one and the same -- where everything that happened in your life was always just what you wanted. Imagine it! No event, no condition could do anything but contribute to your well-being. Every day, everyone and everything would work in your favor. And since your contentment in this new...

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Freedom From the Ties That Bind
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Think for a moment what your life would be like if you lived in a world where reality and your happiness were one and the same -- where everything that happened in your life was always just what you wanted. Imagine it!

No event, no condition could do anything but contribute to your well-being. Every day, everyone and everything would work in your favor. And since your contentment in this new world arises from the procession of its natural events, your greatest pleasure would be to just let go, and let life flow by as it pleases.

Could there be such a world where contentment isn't just the momentary absence of conflict? Is there really a peaceful place where love and happiness aren't just the flip side of a constantly spinning coin? Yes! And we're much closer to this higher world than first thoughts might allow. In fact, this realm where wholeness rules is right within each of us. But perhaps you already sense the truth of this. Most do. At one level or another all of us know that our lives are incomplete; that our real Home is yet to be found.

But sensing there's a higher world and standing within it are vastly different. What we don't understand is how to reach the door to this kingdom, open it, and walk in. Too bold? Not at all! Only to our own conditioned and captive consciousness does the idea of full freedom sound impossible. Its unspoken, but pervasive, attitude toward life is to find ways to make the best of a bad situation; to not rock the boat at any cost. And so, almost without a question, we've all paid the price. But no longer.

Settling for anything less than complete self liberation is like agreeing to spend your life on a well-appointed slave ship -- where rowing duties are only every other week! Stop thinking in terms of finding ways to improve any life that includes feelings of compulsory servitude. Begin the process of becoming fully conscious of another kind of Life altogether. That's what Freedom From The Ties That Bind is all about.

This book of breakthrough, self-liberating secrets will show you how to be free of punishing patterns, be fully independent, and put your life in perfect order!

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Chapter 1: Discover The Freedom You Need to Live The Way You Want

  • Forty Ways to Determine Your Level of Inner Freedom
  • Two Amazing Stories About Self Imprisonment
  • This Insight Leads to Freedom from Self Created Captivity
  • A New Inner Understanding to Put You in Charge of All Outer Circumstances
  • Ten Keys for Gaining Greater Self Liberation

Chapter 2: Break Through to a New And Secret ""You"" That's Already Free

  • Discover the Larger Life Beyond the False Self
  • Follow Your Longing to be Limitless All the Way to the Free Mind
  • Walk Into a Bright New World Just Outside of Yourself
  • Take This Uncommon Action and Change Your Everyday Experience

Chapter 3: The Secret of Living Thought Free

  • Abandon Your Usual Ways of Thinking
  • The Secret Liberating Power of Self Observation
  • Abolish Harmful Inner Voices
  • Leave Any Troubled Thought Right Where You Find It
  • The Secret of Knowing Without Thinking
  • Take This Bold Step Towards Living Thought Free

Chapter 4: Learn How to Take Yourself to a Higher, Happier Life Level

  • Be the Ruler of Your Own Reactions
  • Eleven Laws That Lift You to the Next Life Level
  • A Wise and Winning Way to Look at Your Life
  • Leave the ""Victim Level"" of Life Behind You
  • The Happiness of Dropping Painful Demands
  • The Secret of Release and Relax

Chapter 5: Wake Up to a Fearless New World Within You

  • Free Yourself From the Secret Conflict in Self Control
  • Clear Up the Source of All Painful Confusion
  • A Day in the Weird Life of the Me Mind
  • Put Your Life in Perfect Order
  • Freedom from the Fear of Loneliness
  • Be Stronger than any Inner Bully
  • Break Into Your Day and Watch It Go In a New Way

Chapter 6: The Secret of Owning Your Own Life

  • Be Stronger than the Approval Seeking Self
  • Make the Fear of Being ""No One"" Fade Away
  • Count on Full Self Command with the Free Mind
  • The Amazing Difference Between the Me Mind and the Free Mind
  • Choose in Favor of Your Own Freedom
  • The One Power Greater than Any Inner Disturbance

Chapter 7: Connect Yourself to a Life of No Self Compromise

  • Attract Positive Life Results with this Powerful Secret Principle
  • One question Cancels All Self Compromise
  • The Secret of Taking the Next Step Higher
  • Have No Fear of Doing Nothing About Any Fear
  • New Answers That Bring A New Life
  • How to Choose the Right Answer for Any Wrong Feeling
  • Reach the Safe Harbor of the Free Mind

Chapter 8: Possess the Permanent Safety of Your True Nature

  • How to Win New Spiritual Strength
  • The Real Cause of Feeling Like a Captive
  • The Keys to the Kingdom of the Present Moment
  • A Tale That Tells of True Magic
  • End the Secret Inner War Called Self-Comparison
  • Flow with the Present Moment Into the Fullness of the Free Mind

Chapter 9: The Secret of Making a New and True Beginning

  • The Secret Starting Place for All Happy Endings
  • Three Secret Ways to Start Your Life Out Fresh
  • The Victory of the Present Moment
  • Use the Power of the Present Moment for Self-Transformation
  • Thirty Keys to Change your Destiny

Chapter 10: Winning the Final Freedom

  • Why You Don't Have to Own Those Feelings of Loss
  • Seeing This Is Freeing Yourself from the Foundation of Fear
  • Freedom from the heartache of Losing Any Love
  • Turn Any Sorrow into a Higher Self-Healing
  • Ten Truths That Prove You Have Nothing to Lose

Chapter 11: Crossing the Threshold Into the Free Mind

  • Stand in the ""Unthinkable Place"" That has been Prepared Just for You
  • To Know Real Freedom You Must Go Beyond the Known
  • This Key Unlocks the Door to the Free Mind
  • Sixty Insights to Strengthen You Along the Way to Self-Liberation

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