Stop Being Undone by the Life that Makes You New
Stop Being Undone by the Life that Makes You New
  • Posted: June 29, 2020
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Key Lesson

Part 1

The more we will deliberately work to take time out of our day to remember -- and then embrace -- what we know is Timeless and True... the more aware we will become of an Indwelling Light by whose Divine grace is revealed the means and the way to be born anew.

Part 2

There is probably no greater treasure in all worlds than true self-knowledge; but the reason so few seek it -- let alone make the kind of sacrifice needed to succeed in their quest -- is because its realization leads one, inexorably, first to unexplored shores... and then to the endlessly open waters of uncharted seas.


We must learn to recognize, realize, and release those moments in which we find ourselves struggling with what has "unmade" us.

Here's how one recognizes the moment in which this unmaking has taken place: if you're getting negative, life has come, and it's unmade (you). It's taken away that precious image we have of ourselves where we've imitated someone or something, and we think everyone should notice but they don't, and suddenly we start to get angry or stressed, worried or frightened. A negative state seeps in.

The first thing is to be awake in the moment in which the tension starts. In that instance, we recognize the moment for what it is. And what is the moment that's taking place? Something inside of me does not want the unmaking! Something inside of me doesn't want what just happened to have happened. And in that moment, I realize that what I must not do is make myself again. I mustn't go into thought about why that happened and who did what, and where to go to fix it, and all of the things our minds get caught up in. And, instead of that moment in which we get trapped trying to recreate ourselves, we release ourselves.

Now, here's the rub. When we release ourselves, the experience at the moment of really letting go of ourselves is the sense of total loss, because, you see, "If I don't fix it... if I don't straighten them out... if I don't tell her... if I don't do this, I'm going to lose everything!" And I beg of you to ask yourself, lose what? The opportunity to make yourself again in your own image so you can face the exact same thing tomorrow (which you will)? The lessons come back, don't they? They come back and they come back, and they come back. Why? Because that beautiful Intelligence, God's life, wants you to recognize, "I'm not trying to undo you; I'm trying to make you new."

So, in the moment when life delivers the blow, and there's that unmaking - at that split second, something else has to take place in us, and that is we let go of the self that wants to keep making itself in its own image. We let it go. Why? Because we have begun to understand that there is a Greater Life that is already making everything that we need possible. We see it.

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