One Simple Action That Frees You From All Fear

How to Quit Looking Back, Stop Putting Yourself Down, End Self-blame, and Start Realizing True Happiness (Yes, you really can have all that... and more! Read on...) We've all heard it a million times: ""You are your own worst enemy."" But why? In what way? It's partly because of the inner critic that lives inside of us...

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One Simple Action That Frees You From All Fear
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How to Quit Looking Back, Stop Putting Yourself Down, End Self-blame, and Start Realizing True Happiness

(Yes, you really can have all that... and more! Read on...)

We've all heard it a million times: "You are your own worst enemy."

But why? In what way?

It's partly because of the inner critic that lives inside of us and never shuts up. It speaks in our own voice, says "I" (so we identify with everything it says), and blurts out an endless barrage of criticisms and put downs:

"I'm such an idiot." "Why did I do that after I told myself I wouldn't?" "Nobody loves me." "I'll never change."

It also likes to blame others:

"Why did they do that to me?" "It's your fault that I'm the way I am."

It's all so painful -- and none of it is helpful, healing, or true.

On the other hand -- this inner critic, and the level of misunderstanding it represents -- is the real problem -- the only problem -- you have.

It is what stands in the way of your experiencing the happy, expansive life you're meant to know. It is what keeps you from jumping on the dance floor . . . and makes you too afraid to ask your boss for a raise.

It prevents you from connecting with higher sources of strength and wisdom that are just waiting to banish your heartache and help you over every barrier.

It's the inner critic that keeps you from reaching your true possibilities, and makes you your own worst enemy.

So, why do you put up with it? And is there a way to get free of it?

The short answer is, YES -- there is a way to be free of it! And you are about to receive the key to doing it.

From Today Forward, You Never Have to Put Up With Your Inner Critic Again

To get you started, here's a first fact that gives an important clue to the beautiful transformational solution you can use to silence the inner critic:

"The only problem you ever have is what you have yet to understand about yourself." --Guy Finley

And therein lies the solution. Hidden away in all of us lives a gang of heated demands, conditioned beliefs, and painful self-pictures that we don't even know are there until -- when the moment is "right" -- they pop out, distorting our experience of life. But once we understand the true nature of these dark reactions -- see them for what they really are -- the first thing that happens is that they lose their power over us.

What happens next is even more amazing: the power they once had to hold us down becomes our power to harness their force and use it to set ourselves free!

But it's not easy. The process of gaining this much-needed inner knowledge is a challenge to all of us because at first it seems to be a field day for the inner critic, which gets louder than ever. Here's why . . .

Are You Ready To Cut Yourself Some Slack? Here's How

There's no denying that when you start on the road to self-discovery, where your aim is self-liberation, at some point you will face a bit of a sticky wicket.

One day you catch yourself in the act of hurting yourself, or hurting others. It's a shock, but it's also an important and necessary step in the process of transformation.

The challenge is this: for this valuable discovery to serve its healing purpose, you must use it the right way.

Unfortunately, this is where the inner critic often jumps in, chastising you for what's been revealed.

But attacking yourself for what you see is not the way to enlightenment. Far from it. It just perpetuates and strengthens the parts of yourself you don't like -- and steals from you the value of the revelation.

So, if letting the inner critic punish you is not an answer . . . and turning the other way and pretending you never saw the thing at all is not an answer . . .

What is the answer?

It starts with seeing that the revelation was a gift -- exactly the kind of gift you've been working for to help you stop hurting yourself. You just didn't know it.

But what are you to do with the gift? What are you supposed to do when you uncover these aspects of yourself that you know are hurting you and all your relationships?

How do you turn everything around so that the very thing you didn't want to see in yourself becomes the doorway to a whole new level of yourself?

This is an important question if you wish to unmask the inner critic, let it go, and finally move forward in life with all its limitless possibilities.

And this is the exact question addressed by self-realization author Guy Finley in his revealing new 70-minute audio program, One Simple Action That Frees You From All Fear.

What is actually happening when you criticize yourself? Different parts of you are working against one another, and you can't help but be divided, confused, judgmental, and upset. A house divided cannot stand.

And a person divided cannot stand himself.

Fortunately, the wisdom you will learn in One Simple Action That Frees You From All Fear will actually change the way you see and function within yourself. From your new understanding, the disparate parts of you will start meshing and working together -- and from that new order of wholeness, a whole new order of being will emerge.

You will feel light and free, and it would never occur to you to judge or punish yourself. You will know the right and positive action to take with every new self-revelation. You truly will be your own best friend, because you will be one with the one true Friend whose very essence is Love.

Here is just a taste of what you will discover in One Simple Action That Frees You From All Fear:

  • How to stop futile efforts to fix yourself and remember the powerful resource that's always available to you.

  • The real reason you make mistakes, and how understanding that reason stops self-punishment and starts self-transformation.

  • What it really means that "you are made in the image of the Divine."

  • The specific action to take when unwanted parts of you are revealed that transforms them on the spot into qualities that serve your further growth.

  • How to turn on your "heart light."

This is all highly practical information that you can start putting to use right away to actually change your relationship with yourself and with life. Plus . . .

30-Minute Bonus Q&A MP3 Answers the Questions You Have Yourself

Guy Finley presented his groundbreaking talk, One Simple Action That Frees You From All Fear, before a live audience, and after the break they couldn't wait to ask questions about how to apply what they had heard to the real problems they were having in life.

This lively Q&A session was recorded, and you will receive it as a bonus MP3 along with the main talk. You will hear:

  • How Guy advises an apartment manager who needs to enforce the rules but doesn't want to get mad (every parent or boss should hear this).

  • Guy's suggestions for what to do in the face of a difficult career choice.

  • Guy's response to a question about dealing with guilt and shame.

  • And so much more . . .

The questions involve specific experiences, but they touch on the universal human condition. And Guy's answers supply helpful wisdom that I know you will benefit from.

This MP3 is simply priceless, and it's your free bonus with One Simple Action That Frees You From All Fear.

It's Time to Get Out of Your Own Way . . . and On the Way UP

You wouldn't be reading this unless -- somehow -- you knew that your life could be much better. That you're meant to be happier. Perhaps you want more courage, more wisdom, more love. But how can you get these things?

It requires going through a process of transformation. And transformation requires coming right up against, and letting go of, everything that holds you back. But disengaging from something self-harming that has fooled you into thinking it's you -- is hard.

What this means is that right now, you may be standing in the way of your own growth because of an unwarranted fear of making discoveries you won't know what to do with.

That's where One Simple Action That Frees You From All Fear comes in. This guidebook to self-growth will allow you to look at yourself with understanding and compassion. Now you can begin to use every discovery correctly to make your life better and better.

No more self-condemnation. No more self-inflicted barriers. Just full speed ahead towards freedom, happiness, and genuine love.

When you stop putting yourself down, there's no place to go but up, up, up!

Get started in a whole new direction with One Simple Action That Frees You From All Fear.

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