Wake Up and Walk Away From the World of Stress and Worry
Wake Up and Walk Away From the World of Stress and Worry
  • Posted: April 9, 2019
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Key Lesson

The truth that sets us free -- but not until we see the fact of it -- is that we are never powerless; our first, and ultimately greatest limitation is that we don't know what real power is... let alone how to enter into its stream.


Even though we often find ourselves feeling so, in truth... there is no such thing as being powerless. We see how a person who resists life--who hates or fears unwanted changes--becomes the instrument of a power that effectively renders him powerless to do anything but struggle. But we've seen the converse as well: the one who realizes that the only power negative states have is to create the illusion of self-command enters into relationship with another kind of power altogether. And this new awareness, like the power it grants, is failsafe.

We can practice this true, new power any time we wish to have its strength and safety as our own. We start each time by remembering that ours is the power to choose what we will and will not give our power to.

On one hand, negative states want to convince us we are powerless in the face of what frustrates us. But we have seen the truth: this false perception is actually produced by a dark state that would have us turn to it for the power we need to make things right. And so now we can do something radically new: rather than give ourselves over to the habitual reaction of resisting the moment, we remember the truth that sets us free; ours is the power to live from the power of our choosing. Said slightly differently, but equally true: we are created with the power to surrender our sense of powerlessness and, in exchange for this sacrifice, realize a life without stress and worry.

A short review of these important ideas will help us to start practicing this new kind of power over feeling powerless.

Whenever we have a pain or a problem that seems greater than our ability to deal with it, this doesn't mean that we are really without power. These moments are actually "wake-up calls"--invitations to remember our relationship with an indwelling and Divine order of ourselves that is the same as our True Nature. This new action on our part, this conscious realignment born of higher self-awareness, is the same as our rescue. Our sense of being powerless is replaced by releasing the misunderstanding over who we really are. Now the words, "Let go and let God" take on new meaning for us. We have come to understand what must be done in order to let the Divine Light do for us what we can't: to know true power, we must release all claims upon it.

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