A Short Talk on Reincarnation
A Short Talk on Reincarnation
  • Posted: April 6, 2008
  • Duration: 5min 36sec
Talk Notes

Most people are interested in the topic of reincarnation because they hope that there is a chance that they can get away from themselves. We hope there's a chance that we can come back into something better than they left. But it does not work that way.

Resistance creates the illusion what is resisted is not a part of our lives. Whatever we don't want is carried over, again and again. Resistance to who you do not want to be--at any given moment--IS you being what you don't want to be.

Resistance to what we don't want is the same as revisiting what we don't want. In revisiting what we don't want, we re-animate it...and there we have reincarnation. So reincarnation does not happen in some kind of future time...it happens everytime we resist what the present moment is presenting to us.

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