4 Keys to Conquer Any Discouragement

If you have ever watched your enthusiasm for a new undertaking disappear after your own mind threw a bucket of cold water over it, then this course is for you. You will gain new understanding into the dark thoughts and feelings that come to discourage you so they will no longer have the authority over you they once had. Then you can fulfill your highest possibilities and be unstoppable in life.

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4 Keys to Conquer Any Discouragement
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Gain New Enthusiasm for Life as You Learn the . . .

4 Keys to Conquer Any Discouragement

I think we all know what it is to come up with a plan for something we really want to do, and as we proceed toward achieving our goal, we’re bombarded by inner voices telling us we can’t succeed, this is beyond our ability, we’re sure to fail.

It could be learning some new skill, or starting out on an exercise program, or going on a diet – or even making progress in our spiritual work. Whatever it is, as our enthusiasm drains away we start finding excuses for not doing what seemed so important to us at the beginning.

We become so identified with the reasons why we should just drop the whole thing that we don’t realize a very important fact: those discouraging voices are nothing but our own thoughts repeating the same old arguments they always do, and they really have no power of their own. And yet, we’ve been letting them control us our whole lives.

Enough Is Enough!

If you’re beginning to sense how wrong it is for us to allow our own thoughts to keep us from living the free open life we’re supposed to live, and block us from fulfilling our own highest possibilities, then it’s time to say “Enough is enough!”

And Guy Finley’s eCourse, 4 Keys to Conquer Any Discouragement, will give you the tools you need to follow through on your wish to live your own life, not the limited life that discouragement would impose on you.

Here’s the first beautiful truth that will set you off on your new life adventure:

Discouragement is a lie.

How would your life be different if you really knew that in your heart? How much more open your life would be. How much happier you would be. How much more free.

It takes work to see through all the lies that have been dictating our life experience to us, but Guy takes us step by step through the process as he dismantles the power of discouragement and reveals the power we have to reclaim our lives.

Here is just some of what you’ll discover in this heart-lifting eCourse:


  • The simple truth we must understand to become unstoppable
  • How we unwittingly hand over authority to discouraging thoughts
  • What the truth tells us about “being stuck”
  • Understand this fact about the nature of life and watch discouragement fade

Key 1: How to Drop Discouraging Thoughts

  • Why there’s no such thing as “can’t be done”
  • How to start gaining control over your attention and why it’s so important
  • The true source of the prison you believe you’re in
  • The conversation you should always avoid

Key 2: How to Walk Away From Dark Inner Voices

  • How to prevent instant identification with harmful thoughts
  • The shocking discovery you must not push away
  • How to prepare for dark parts to rebel as they are revealed by your inner work
  • Three practices to develop the mindfulness you need

Key 3: Three Facts That Prove Failure Is False

  • Make the most important discovery a human being is meant to make
  • Why there is no such thing as failure to the awakening mind
  • You must see you are not a captive of your own past
  • Discouraging thoughts and feelings tell us lies!

Key 4: A Discouragement-Busting Truth

  • Gain the higher understanding that puts you in charge of discouraging thoughts and feelings
  • The only reason why negative states succeed at draining us
  • Your soul is stronger than anything that tries to restrain it
  • Harness the power of questioning discouraging inner voices

Work with the life-changing insights at the heart of 4 Keys to Conquer Any Discouragement and you will gain the power to throw off the shackles that have always held you back.

Meet Life in a New Way

When you learn the truth about discouragement, you will recognize the voices of self-defeat before they can take hold. They may still come back, but you will see through them. And there is no end to how far you can go on the path to self-liberation. As Guy tells us:

“There is no end to discovering what is true. Why? Because what is true lives in you, and it is endless itself. Join yourself to that truth, and you will join yourself to a world where you will never fall into discouraged thoughts and feelings again.”

Don’t remain in the same old rut, hating it but not knowing how to free yourself. Let 4 Keys to Conquer Any Discouragement lead you into a whole new world of self-command.

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