Cultivate the 5 Conditions of Complete Self-Renewal

Our task is not to create newness, but to enter into relationship with an already existing part of us that is always new and being transformed. In this rejuvenating talk you will learn how to cultivate the 5 conditions essential for entering that relationship, including clear eyes, a quiet mind, and more. Discover practical steps to take so you will always be able to start over and be renewed.

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Cultivate the 5 Conditions of Complete Self-Renewal
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Cultivate the 5 Conditions of Complete Self-Renewal

Sometimes life can feel like a boring slog. And when it does, we blame life for not being more exciting and interesting. But in a universe that’s always new, always transforming itself, how is it that we are not enchanted by the wholly original revelations in every new moment?

If we want to experience the ever-changing beauty of life, we must realize the problem is not with what life is presenting, but in our inability to be present to it, moment-to-moment. However, that does not have to continue to be the case for us. It is our birthright to live consciously in the ever-changing present, and we can learn how to do it.

Guy Finley tells us:

Being renewed by Life and starting life all over are one and the same superior, interior action: it starts with becoming aware of, and then bringing a conscious end to any lingering relationship we may have with old thoughts and feelings that want us to keep seeing our life through their eyes

If we wish to begin seeing life through new eyes so we can enjoy the vitality and magic in each moment, a great start is to begin cultivating five specific conditions of self-renewal. This practice will bring us into contact with an indwelling part of us that is already always new and being ceaselessly transformed. In Cultivate the 5 Conditions of Complete Self-Renewal Guy takes us step by step through each of the five conditions, explains it, and shows us how to fulfill it for life-changing results.

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