How to Let Go of Any Fear

Imagine if you could realize, when assailed by a sudden flash of fear, that within you is something that is not only capable of moving past it, but knows how to use it so you need never face that same fear again. That’s what you’ll learn here: how to look at and let go of every fear. Armed with this new understanding, you will no longer believe in the power of fear, which frees you from it.

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How to Let Go of Any Fear
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Gain New Command Over Your Life

as You Learn . . .

How to Let Go of Any Fear

For most of us, fear has become such a constant “companion” as we go through our day, we don’t even question it when it comes up.

I’m about to go to a job interview? Time to be afraid.

I read an article about upcoming economic conditions? Time to be afraid.

I just felt an unfamiliar pain in my side? Time to be afraid.

Before we even know what will actually happen or what it means, we become nervous, edgy, and muddle-brained.

But that’s normal, isn’t it? Something challenges my abilities and my sense of who I am, and the natural response is to get afraid. Right?

Actually, no. That’s not right. Although it’s certainly the way we’ve learned to meet life.

But it no longer has to be. Because you now have the opportunity to learn how to watch that fearful response as it starts creeping up – and begin to no longer believe in it!

And that’s where Guy’s 3-part MP3 album, How to Let Go of Any Fear, comes it. It can be your step-by-step guide to freeing yourself of unnecessary and self-harming responses that are presently limiting your life.

Don’t Knuckle Under to Fear.
You’re Meant to Be the One in Command.

There’s a right order to life. You are not meant to be controlled by any passing inner state. You are meant to be aware of and consciously in charge of everything that passes through you. Being able to do that simply requires some very specific knowledge – the type of knowledge you can gather by working with the principles in How to Let Go of Any Fear.

Here are just some of the transformational discoveries you will make as you immerse yourself in this program and travel the path to a fearless life:

Part One: Become Curious About Fearful Thoughts Instead of Believing in Them

  • Why that scary condition isn’t the real problem – and what is!
  • Why everything we’ve done in the past to end fear hasn’t worked – and what does work!
  • A simple higher instruction that changes our relationship with fearful moments
  • What we’re really afraid of, and how knowing this changes everything

Part Two: The Four Laws of Fearless Living

  • How to gain command over old fears
  • The specific thing that the more we do it, the more fearless we become
  • The four laws that are like a golden invitation to the coronation of a fearless life
  • The Friend that does the healing work for us if we will welcome it into our life

Part Three: Five Ways to Awaken the Fearless Self

  • The life-changing results of taking a conscious risk
  • Discover the intelligence that consumes the fearful nature instead of allowing our possibilities to be consumed by fearful reactions
  • Uncover the true weight of any unwanted moment – and a new way to meet and reduce that burden
  • How to cut through life’s fearful moments, like an icebreaker cutting through a sea of ice

This is just some of the powerful wisdom waiting for you in How to Let Go of Any Fear. Work with the insights and methods Guy presents, and you will find yourself entering life with new enthusiasm as you are held back less and less by the chains of fear.

Learn How to Attract Higher Help in Overcoming Fear

Guy tells us:

“When it comes to a fearless life, call it what you will – the Divine, the Living Light, God, Truth – it gives nothing freely save to those who give themselves freely to discovering the truth about their own fearless self. It’s reciprocal. The more we give our attention and our wish to understand the nature of fear, the more fearless we become.”

What a wonderful promise that holds, and what powerful encouragement to give ourselves over to the work of understanding what torments us, so that it can be overthrown.

You can do it with the help and guidance in How to Let Go of Any Fear. The more you apply yourself to following its principles, the more you will receive the Higher Help you need to break free.

You may even change the world.

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Table of Contents

Part One:    Become Curious About Fearful Thoughts Instead of Believing in Them............................................................................. 3

Part Two:    The Four Laws of Fearless Living..........................................  8

Part Three: Five Ways to Awaken the Fearless Self.................................. 14

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