How to Never Feel Powerless Again

True spiritual power isn’t the attempt to control external conditions that ultimately can’t be controlled and always return in some form. Rather, it’s new self-understanding, a higher level of consciousness that can’t fall apart, even in a crisis. This eCourse shows you how to call on this part of yourself so you never feel powerless again. Bonus: 15-page PDF transcript.

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How to Never Feel Powerless Again
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You’ll Meet Life With New Enthusiasm When You Learn the Secret of . . .

How to Never Feel Powerless Again

We are born with endless potential into a world filled with promise and opportunity.

There is so much to enjoy, so many inborn abilities to develop, so much to explore.

And yet how many times are we held back from embracing all these possibilities? How often do we cower before people and circumstances? Feel shut off from living?

How often do we fail to take full advantage of life’s gifts because we feel powerless?

And more important . . .

What Would Your Life Be Like
If You Never Felt Powerless Again?

Imagine if you weren’t held back because you felt powerless.

You could wake up each morning eager to see what the day brings, instead of dreading events and responsibilities you don’t feel capable of handling.

You could be in control of yourself in your relationships, and never feel the need to compromise yourself to make sure other people like you, respect you, and aren’t angry with you.

You could have the courage to do all the things you want to do, without worrying about how you might look to others – or yourself – or whether or not you succeed.

That would be a whole new level of freedom. A new level of willingness to engage in life. You’d never put limits on yourself out of fear of being inadequate.

If that’s what you want for yourself, now you can have help in achieving it.

Yes, we live in a world that seems to be designed to make us feel powerless, and then pushes us to seek safety in the solutions it offers.

But thankfully there are truthful principles that are stronger than any discouraging voice outside of us – or within us.

Learn these principles in Guy Finley’s empowering eCourse, How to Never Feel Powerless Again.

In three revealing sessions Guy first lays out the true reason why we feel powerless (hint: it’s not because of that person or situation you’ve been blaming), how we’ve come to lose our power, and how to reclaim our natural right to be an effective and fearless human being.

A Blueprint to Self-Power

Each of the three sessions in How to Never Feel Powerless Again is packed with healing truths. Here are just some of the important revelations that can change the way you meet each day:

Session One: Enter the Place of Power Within

• The real root of any crisis. Now you’ll know where to immediately focus your attention when the challenge comes

• The new relationship that is the source of the power you seek – and how to develop it

• Why all feelings of powerlessness are a lie – and how to see through it

Session Two: Never Feel Inadequate Again

• How to transcend that awful feeling of suddenly not knowing what to do

• Revealed: the level of consciousness that’s the true problem – and how to stay above it

• How to see and accept the invitation in unwanted moments to help you overcome any weakness now, and in the future

Session Three: Take Full Possession of Yourself

• How the way we meet any moment reflects what we value – and the new understanding that can elevate our values

• How to stop being the unconscious instrument of self-compromising negative states.

• Four important questions to ask yourself whenever you feel powerless that help you take back your rightful inner power

This is practical information that can change the way you deal with people and events so you can live as want, and not as your own fears say you must.

Here’s the Power You Need to Live Authentically

You can have the confidence of knowing you have the strength to inwardly handle anything life throws at you. You can be an authentic human being who is empowered to call on higher resources in any moment.

You will find instructions for claiming that life for yourself in How to Never Feel Powerless Again. Use them to change your consciousness, and you will never again feel powerless in the face of any condition a lying inner voice says is greater than you are.

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Table of Contents

Session One: Enter the Place of Power Within ........................................... 3 

Session Two: Never Feel “Inadequate” Again ............................................. 7

Session Three: Take Full Possession of Yourself.........................................11 


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