The Complete Guide to Freedom From Painful Negative Reactions

Look at people around you, and at your own daily experience, and you will realize this shocking fact: negativity is rampant! Our world is driven by negative reactions: dark states that crush spontaneity, kill relationships, and keep us from realizing our own higher possibilities. Here you will learn how to turn negative reactions into self-healing actions, and become free of their painful grip.

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The Complete Guide to Freedom From Painful Negative Reactions
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Find Inner Peace With . . .

The Complete Guide to Freedom From Painful Negative Reactions

Guy Finley tells us that the world runs on negative reactions. Sadly, it isn’t difficult to prove this for ourselves.

Just look at the news and the state of the world. Look at the hair-trigger tempers of people around you. The road rage. The growing problems with drugs and alcohol.

And looking at ourselves we see how annoyed we get with other people – even with those we love. How the slightest inconvenience puts us in a bad mood. Getting stuck at a red light can feel like a tragedy. An off comment from someone else can throw us for a loop for days as we remember all the other times people have been rude to us. Even having to get up in the morning can sometimes feel like more than we can bear.

This is an ongoing pain we all suffer from day in and day out. And all the horrific wars and injustices in the wider world are the direct outgrowth of individuals brought to the brink by their own negative reactions.

But this doesn’t have to be the end of the story. Human beings are not meant to be in a constant state of annoyance. Our growing freedom begins with seeing the problem isn’t a world that doesn’t conform to our demands. The problem lies in our state of spiritual sleep that sees problems everywhere. Then, our new understanding can remove the power from a nature that doesn’t know anything to do but react to life with negativity.

Open Your Eyes to a Life Beyond Negative Reactions

Guy’s 3-hour eCourse with downloadable MP3 & MP4 files, The Complete Guide to Freedom From Painful Negative Reactions, offers in-depth explanations and powerful exercises that can put you in a completely new relationship with your own reactive states.

And when you understand your own negativity, you will also understand everyone else’s. That means you won’t react when they react. You will have command of yourself, and when you do, you will have command of every situation.

Plus, you’ll have genuine compassion for others when you’re not blinded by your own reactions and can see the pain they’re in. You’ll know exactly what to do (or not do) to defuse the moment.

And think of how much better your own day will go when you’re not thrown into a tizzy by every mishap or moment that doesn’t go as you planned. It doesn't mean you don’t react at all. When we spill something on the floor there will always be an automatic reaction. But it can stop right there as you gain back control and do what has to be done in the moment to remedy the situation. Then, when it’s been handled, that’s the end of it. There’s no lingering sense of anger, guilt, or self-pity. Imagine the freedom in that.

Important Revelations for Inner Freedom

The three revealing sessions in The Complete Guide to Freedom From Painful Negative Reactions explain the origin of negative reactions, how they take us over, and specific steps we can take to gain freedom from them.

This is just some of what you will learn from this remarkable series of talks:

Talk One: 5 Words to Help You Start Ruling Any Negative Reaction

  • Understand the anatomy of all negative reactions
  • Why fighting with a negative reaction just makes it worse
  • The problem with certainty and conviction
  • The strange creature known as the “reactoid” – and how to keep it from entering your home
  • How to use your attention to remove the power from negative reactions

Talk Two: Revealed: The Anatomy of Negative Reactions and How to Be Released From Them

  • Why the explanations you come up with for why you’re negative are the source of more negativity
  • The mistake we make that binds us to our suffering
  • The pain caused by mistaken beliefs we keep foolishly defending
  • How to get out of the mud pit
  • How to do what you want to do, and not what negative reactions tell you to do

Talk Three: Call on This Celestial Friend and Let it Lift You Above Any Negative Reaction

  • The release in learning how to see the good in what seems so bad
  • How to prove to yourself you’ve already learned important transformational secrets
  • How unwanted moments can become the catalyst for another order of consciousness
  • The importance of seeing there is no good in negativity
  • You really can “unfriend” your negative states

You will learn all this and more in The Complete Guide to Freedom from Painful Negative Reactions. Your new understanding will bring you true freedom from hidden parts of your own nature. And as you change, everything around you will change.

You may even change the world.

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Table of Contents

Talk One: 5 Words to Help You Start Ruling Any Negative Reaction ....................... 3

Talk Two: Revealed: The Anatomy of Negative Reactions and How to Be Released From Them..................23

Talk Three: Call on This Celestial Friend and Let it Lift You Above Any Negative Reaction............40

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