The Divine Journey - Realizing Your Immortal Self eCourse

The present moment, and all that appears within it, is the ceaseless revelation of a timeless Divine Presence—of which you are a part. This new eCourse is designed to help awaken you to this indwelling Divine Life, and prepare you to reclaim your right as a being—“made in the image of God”—to realize your Immortal Self during this lifetime

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The Divine Journey - Realizing Your Immortal Self eCourse
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The Divine Journey

Realizing Your Immortal Self

The “present moment,” and all that appears within it, is the ceaseless revelation of a timeless Divine Presence—of which you are a part. — Guy Finley

What do we strive for in life?

To be happy. To feel loved. To feel secure.

And what do we do to achieve that?

We do what our parents did. We do what celebrities do. We do what the books tell us to do. Which usually involves getting things and becoming “someone.”

Sometimes we fail. Sometimes we succeed. But even when we succeed, it’s never the end, is it? We need to get more things, more success, something else to make us finally feel safe.

And we never get it.

The fact is, while there’s nothing wrong with striving in this world—in fact we must so that we can learn valuable lessons—nothing we acquire can satisfy the deeper wish for something more.

That’s because our real purpose on this earth, and the only thing that can satisfy the urge it seeds within us, is to discover the “ceaseless revelation of a timeless Divine Presence—of which you are a part.”

Until we experience that, we will always be stirred by a divine dissatisfaction that—if we are fortunate—will become strong enough to set us off on the Divine Journey and the realization of our immortal self. 

An Immortal Self? Is it Possible?

Could it be that there’s really something inside of us that never dies? If we knew that for ourselves, everything about our lives would be different.

Notice the words “If we knew that for ourselves.” That’s key, because a million people could tell you they believe in an immortal self, but it would do nothing to allay your personal fears unless somehow you came to know it for yourself.

And you can—if you are willing to embark on the Divine Journey.

But how?

Guy Finley’s eCourse, The Divine Journey: Realizing Your Immortal Self, makes evident the fact of a higher order of being that you are meant to enter, and then provides specific actions you can take to make that transcendent leap for yourself.

If you sense there must be more to life than what you now see, but don’t know how to get over your doubt—and even skepticism—then let there be no doubt: this new e-course is meant for you. Let Guy walk you through a series of exciting new discoveries that will show you how to realize and enter into a new level of your Self.

Seven Lessons to Self Liberation

The Divine Journey is filled with uplifting stories, powerful exercises, and down-to-earth explanations that will help you start seeing the world through new eyes.

Here is just some of what you will learn from its seven enlightening sessions:

Session One: Polish the Divine Mirror and See Past the Illusion of Death

• How to undertand the basis of your own immortality

• How to use life's events to discover your innermost Self

• The amazing self-realization that frees you of regret, endows you with patience and compassion, and grants you the knowledge that death is not the end of life

Session Two: Give Yourself the Greatest Prize This World Has to Offer

• Why and how to enter another order of your self

• Discover your true responsibility to help manifest the will of Heaven on earth, and reach a higher order of unconditional love and compassion

• Awaken the deed of divine possibilities that waits within you

Session Three: Awaken the Fearless Self and Be Forever Free

• A simple action that puts you in touch with timeless innocence and beauty 

• How to enter into stillness and step into the spiritual ground that sits at the center of your being

• Four words you can use to come into contact with a living Presence that grants you true fearlessness

Session Four: How to Open the Door to a Divine Life

• Are you asking for what you really want? If not, here's how

• The three stages of self-realization through which every aspirant must pass (and how to speed your progress through them)

• How to reach the beautiful point where you realize that nothing can stand in the way of your Divine Journey

Session Five: Four Simple Steps to Spiritual Rebirth

• The truth about spiritual rebirth and how to outgrow and transcend your present level of self

• How seeds of higher self-knowledge can turn into new actions that lead to awakening

• Four principles that will safely guide you on your Divine Journey

Session Six: Freedom Begins With Remembering to Put “First Things First”

• Why you may have forgotten something critical for your happiness

• A simple exercise to help you remember what you truly love

• Meet your greatest friend in life—that already lives within you

Session Seven: Walking the Path to a Peace That Never Dies

How to prove to yourself that thanks to what you’ve learned so far in this eCourse, you’re already seeing the world with new eyes

How to use even your darkest moments to touch a peace that passes all understanding

• Realize that you were created to make the Divine Journey, and all your efforts must be rewarded with new possibilities

The Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins With a Single Step

We’ve all heard the ancient wisdom that a long journey begins with a single step. 

What kind of journey do you think it refers to? It refers to the Divine Journey, the journey from one level of being to another. 

And when are we supposed to take that step? 


The Divine Journey: Realizing Your Immortal Self, is like a cosmic map to guide you on an invisible path that begins and ends right within your own heart and mind. 

This is your invitation to discover the existence of whole new world already within you—just waiting for you to enter into its timeless life where you will see and realize the Divine part of you…that can never die.

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Table of Contents

Session One: Polish the Divine Mirror and See Past the Illusion of Death .. 3

Session Two: Give Yourself the Greatest Prize this World Has to Offer ...... 7

Session Three: Awaken the Fearless Self and Be Forever Free ................ 11

Session Four: How to Open the Door to a Divine Life ............................... 15

Session Five: Four Simple Steps to Spiritual Rebirth ............................... 20

Session Six: Freedom Begins with Remembering to Put

                       “First Things First................................................................ 25

Session Seven: Walking the Path to a Peace that Never Dies.................... 29


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