The Real Secret is: Seeing is Your Being
The Real Secret is: Seeing is Your Being
  • Posted: January 3, 2008
  • Duration: 3min 23sec
Talk Notes

We are created not just to be able to see into the mind of God, but to see and know that the mind of God lives within us. Gradually, little by little, we can awaken to the Reality that the true cosmology is our own consciousness.

In Reality, nothing exists outside of us that does not already live within us. God sowed within each and every human being the potential for everything within this consciousness to become aware of itself.

Our attention holds within it the capacity to be in relationship with Being Itself. We can be a witness and a consciously passive observer of everything that Life stirs in us, for the purpose of being perfected by that Life. This all requires a laying down of ourselves, and a willingness to agree to let Life act on us.


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