Let Nothingness Happen
  • Posted: Sunday, July 21, 2002
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Let Nothingness Happen
Let Nothingness Happen

You wish, and then rush, to free yourself from your sorrows, but refuse to change the beliefs causing them...which is like jumping off the Ferris wheel onto the merry-go-round in the hopes of bringing an end to your dizziness.

Any attempt to protect yourself from emptiness only creates the illusion of it...along with an imaginary self that believes it can somehow outrun this unwanted nothing. Both illusions are filled with real-enough terror. Neither one can be slain any more than a shadow can be put to death by the knife.

To see the Truth of these truths is to let nothingness happen.

Allowing nothingness its life slays both the illusion of emptiness and the self so fearful of it. Then, Real Emptiness, and her beautiful sister, Fullness, appear to reveal themselves as being Celestial Twins that are never apart from one another.

Let nothingness happen.

The Nature of Awareness that holds within it the understanding of the opposites is neither a creation, character, nor captive of these opposites, but contains them. Finding this Nature within yourself is the same as finding its Freedom.

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