Four Facts to Help Liberate You From the Lie of Fear
Four Facts to Help Liberate You From the Lie of Fear
  • Posted: February 16, 2015
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Key Lesson

Go through any fear... and come out on the other side stronger, wiser, and less afraid. Go around any fear... and never come out.


The more we are willing to learn about the way fear works, the less power it has to work its ways on us. To help you better understand how fear undermines your right to be free, here are Four Facts to Help Liberate You From the Lie of Fear. Look upon each of these higher insights as a kind of spiritual window that, once opened by you, lets in the Living Light. With patient study and sincere self-work, you will learn their special secret lesson. Then watch in amazement as you realize the meaning of something you heard long ago, but never really understood: The Truth sets us free because no lie can live in its Light:

  1. Anxiously seeking to find some way to protect ourselves from the fear of something that may be coming our way is to punish ourselves in the present moment in the hope of avoiding it later!

  2. Fear's power is that it uses the unseen contents of our own consciousness to twist and transform the unknown of what lies just ahead into something known to be dreaded in the now.

  3. Fear is the dark and imaginary distance between the coming possibility of an imagined challenge and the actual arrival of whatever that condition may be that our life then naturally sets itself to resolve.

  4. Rather than allowing our fears to find excuses for why we should walk away from what challenges us, we must choose instead to see that there can never be a good excuse for living with fear.

Spend as much time as you can pondering and working with these special truths about the lie of fear. Secreted within them are spiritual maps of a sort -- living guides to instruct you how not only to walk out of fear's darkened lair, but also how to construct a portable lantern that will light every step of your way.

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