Find Higher Happiness Beyond Sickness or Health
Find Higher Happiness Beyond Sickness or Health
  • Posted: November 13, 2008
  • Duration: 6min 38sec
Talk Notes

One of the problems that we face as human beings is that our senses separate us from what we see. If you have ever been physically sick, you know that prior to being sick, you were virtually unaware of the fact that you were healthy. So were it not for physical sickness, we would never know gratitude for health. Health and sickness are not separate things.

We usually resist, reject, and refuse the sickness that is in our own minds and hearts. We label this sickness as "bad" and "evil." But were it not for this darkness in our minds and hearts, there would be no chance for healing, and no possibility for gratitude and humility for having been healed.

In our spiritual work, it does not matter what we see because it is not our responsibility to change what we are shown. Our responsibility is to place ourselves in the internal place where this change and healing can occur. Be willing to see everything that the light shows you about yourself.

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