Let Life Sing You
Let Life Sing You
  • Posted: October 6, 2009
  • Duration: 4min 44sec
Talk Notes

Every single spider web that has ever existed has been an absolutely unique web. Every time a wind passes through a spider web there is a song that is being played, and because each web is unique, each song is a true original. Of course, you can't hear the song with your physical ears, but with your spiritual "ears and eyes", you know that a song is being played.

Every human being is intended to be played by the winds of God. Every human being is a unique expression of a certain kind of sound touching a certain kind of instrument. But presently we don't hear the song because we are too busy listening to our own self-created music. Life itself gives all of us a never-ending, celestial stream of impressions that are intended to renew us every moment of our lives.

Neither the wind nor the song that is being played in the moment belong to you. Our conflict with life originates from us identifying with songs that we like, and resisting songs that we do not like. And because of this identification process, each new impression that passes through us is compared to past impressions and judged accordingly. So we are never living within the actual passage of God's life through us; instead we have passed on the opportunity for that grand life because we are so caught up in our self-concerns.

Life is always new. But we don't know this always-new life. Most of the time all we know is the life of trying to generate sensations for ourselves in an attempt to secure more pleasure and avoid pain. Learning to let go is everything, but you cannot let go until you discover that there is something within you that is clinging.

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