Lessons in Realizing Higher Love
Lessons in Realizing Higher Love
  • Posted: December 28, 2007
  • Duration: 6min 43sec
Talk Notes

An unknown Love, an unknown God, and an unknown "me" that must give that unknown Love. With persistence, the awakening soul gradually awakens to what is asked of it.

What is asked of the soul cannot be taught to us by another person. Only God can reveal the way to the willing individual.

But what do we do when it seems like we have been abandoned, when we feel no love at all? How is it possible to discover an unknown Love when all we feel is emptiness? The answer is that those moments when we feel devoid of Love may be the most important moments of our lives. The individual who recognizes the need for Love, for Truth, but does not have it at the moment to give, all he or she can do is no longer be who he or she has always been.

This is where persistence for our wish for Truth comes in. That Higher Intelligence looks to see what we will do in those moments when we do not feel empty and unloving. The only thing left to do in those moments is to no longer be the unloving person I have always been.


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