Let Me Run With You
Let Me Run With You
  • Posted: July 3, 2006
  • 256 words
Key Lesson

Part I: Yet discovered within you are map, mountain, path, and hiding place of a treasure beyond imagination. The wise seek it; what are you waiting for?

Part II: What comfort is there is any belief that caves in when contested? If we are to know the peace, power, and protection of a Living Truth -- one that never collapses under pressure -- then we must willingly step into whatever challenge comes our way and prove its Providence to ourselves moment by moment, every day.


Sometimes when you rush in, I feel as though I am standing upon the bank of a river rising up in me, and that you are its sudden waters coming over me.

Caught up as I am in these moments, all I want is to be carried away. I want to offer myself, toss myself into this upwelling; but I don't know where to find the edge of these waters in order to leap.

In these times I feel as the parched earth must know the summer squall -- its too brief downpour racing over worn runways of thirst-stricken soils. And I want to run with you. Wherever it is you go, I want to run with you... for this mere swelling of my soul-substance is not enough!

If the waters of a summer's storm can carry in their course mountain rocks to the great lake below, then surely there must be a way for me to run with you.

There is a storehouse of Sanity,
A vault of Love,
A treasure of Kindness,
All bursting at their seams.

Can't you feel the pressure
To just be Light?

Don't the walls of your heart
Ache to break loose and open
The floodgates of Freedom?

You have riches untold,
But have lost the map to the upper regions of yourself
Where you are always overflowing.

So, forget this world with its intermittent streams
Whose waters begin and end.
Search out the Ocean, and stand in Her surge
Until the waves wash away the shores of your soul.

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