Where's "Waldo"?
Where's "Waldo"?
  • Posted: October 18, 2009
  • Duration: 11min 10sec
Talk Notes

An unattended mind breeds defeat. When we are not present to ourselves, whether we see it or not, we are breeding defeat. Energy is wasted in the mind that is unattended. When we are not attentive, our minds spend our vital life energy wrapped up in fruitless pursuits. Simply put, our minds are always working on something, even when we're not there!

Wouldn't you like to be involved in deciding what your mind is going to work on? If you are not determining what your mind is working on, your mind will choose something for you, and it will not be something that is in your best interests. You are created to always be watching your own mind so that you are consistently in proper attentive relationship to it, with you being the master of your mind.

An individual who is properly attentive to the present moment cannot compromise himself or others. When you are present to a thought that wants to pull you down, a natural disconnect occurs when you see that something is about to compromise you. The "Where's Waldo" exercise is all about working to reclaim your attention, and seeing what it is that you are connected to through your attention.

Without your awareness of its activity, the mind will wander wherever it wants to go, with you paying the cost of the ticket. But it does not have to be like that. Every moment of your life can be productive in a new way. Real productivity and profitability means being truly present to yourself, and when you are present to yourself, your mind cannot punish you. Learn to work at all times at being inwardly attentive and watch how your new, developing relationship with God's life makes your days brighter and more profitable.

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