Wake Up and Walk Away from Whatever is Pulling You Down
Wake Up and Walk Away from Whatever is Pulling You Down
  • Posted: October 21, 2007
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Key Lesson

The heart watered by tears born of self-pity slowly hardens and turns to stone.


What about you? Are you sure you have to go down with that ship called an abusive relationship, substance abuse, or the self-pity that always attends these punishing states of self? Do you see yourself as someone addicted to something, and believe this sinking condition is the way it has to be? Does it feel as though there is no way out from under that barrage of negative thoughts and feelings -- no way to break free of where circumstances have put you on the ship of life? Have you resigned yourself to accept the fate of your vessel no matter the consequences to your soul, because that's what good captains do? Isn't that right?

No, it is not! It's time to wake up. It is the spiritually sleeping human being who sinks in (and by) his own misguided thoughts about himself.

The will to be free belongs to that special part of us able to remember that we are here on earth to grow beyond the limiting influences of our own unawakened nature. It knows we are not created to participate with anything that causes us to suffer unconsciously. Our task is to awaken ourselves to this higher will within us that won't be compromised. How is this done? We must remember -- now and always -- that this higher will already exists within us... and that it always has.

No one in his or her right mind would believe that when they came into this life they thought, "What I want to do with the rest of my life is to find holes and jump into them!" That sounds ridiculous doesn't it? But every time we get negative, every time we hate something, become resentful, feel defeated, believe that some power outside of ourselves holds us captive, we have jumped into a hole. And then we blame our condition on the hole that we have jumped into.

I know how hard it is to remember that there is a higher life that is truly for us -- especially when every day it seems as though so many things are trying to take something away from us. But don't let the darkness or the deterioration of this sleeping human world cause you to be confused about the nature of the awakened life that awaits you. The truth is that God wants us to succeed in ways beyond our present ability to see -- that is until we open our eyes to how our own false sense of self has us stumbling around in the dark!

The more awake we are, the less we ache. We begin to awaken the presence and the power within us to let go and let God. Once we understand that even though certain mistaken identities seem very real to us -- such as always feeling as though we are a hopelessly weak person, or some other kind of victim -- our new understanding is there, within us, showing us, telling us the truth: Who we really are cannot be compromised without our unconscious consent. We are neither the weakness we feel, nor are we the one in contempt of ourselves for its power over us. We have just been asleep to ourselves, that's all. Now we wake up! The reward that rises out of this special inner work is new freedom from habitually self-defeating behaviors.

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