How to Free Yourself from Painful Frustration and Useless Anger

There is a way to understand and use our inevitable frustration in life so that we don't continue to make the habitual angry response with all its harmful results. Instead of runaway forces taking charge of us, we would be in control...

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How to Free Yourself from Painful Frustration and Useless Anger
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It was incredible, but not in a good way!

At long last... I had an opportunity to present my planned research program at a faculty meeting in the hopes of receiving some needed funding.

In truth, it wasn't just about the research, but about proving myself as a scholar and creative thinker. As a young, and hopefully upcoming assistant professor, I knew that if I did well, my standing in the department would rise. To say I had high expectations would be an understatement. I could barely sleep the night before what I was sure would be my "big day."

At the appointed hour, we all gathered in what we called the "war room." Little did I know going into that meeting how prophetic that name would prove itself to be...

Suffice it to say, things could not have gone much worse than they did!

I was in the middle of presenting what I thought was a brilliant plan, when, out of what seemed the clear blue sky, everything went to hell in a hand-basket.

I couldn't believe my ears: a fellow junior faculty member (somewhat of a rival with whom I really never got along) challenged me on the spot, calling my idea "silly, misdirected, and a waste of everyone's time!"

Wow! I started sweating on the spot. And then, we started at each other, going back and forth, in a veiled fight until my frustration reached such a magnitude that I literally went off... like a volcano.

It was one of the most regrettable moments of my life. I had lost control -- not just of the meeting -- but, more importantly, of my own emotions.

I could see, in hindsight, that I'd been baited into that self-destructive act, but -- in all honesty -- I couldn't help myself. That's when I knew I had to make a real change in my life... and that's why I'm writing to you now.

Maybe you've had a "moment" like mine, as well?

Sometimes it's over nothing. Having to wait an extra three minutes in line. A jar lid that's hard to open. A robocaller.

But whether the event is big or small, it seems huge to us in the moment. And it feels very natural to just go along with our immediate response, which is to push back, usually in anger, at whatever's bothering us.

And as we know from sad experience, the results are rarely good.

Is this futile pattern the way it always has to be? Or is there another way?

Could there be a way to use that frustration instead of being caught up in its tornado-force winds?

...So we weren't so easily caught off balance?

...So we didn't do something that perhaps we regret for years?

That's what we're going to talk about today: A way to understand and use our inevitable frustration in life so that we don't continue to make the habitual angry response with all its harmful results.

Instead of runaway forces taking charge of us, we would be in control.

That would be great, wouldn't it?

So let's start at the beginning...

How Do I Stop Letting Frustration Get the Better of Me?

There's a great deal of power in frustration and anger -- a tremendous amount of energy -- but we don't know what to do with it.

When you think about it, frustration is a very distinctive experience, isn't it?

It's an unpleasant vibration that starts throbbing in the core of our being and radiates outward, pressing for release. As it grows, it strengthens into anger that impels us to lash out.

Of course, we always have the target of our anger identified. It's who or what we see as the cause of this disturbance that's taken over every part of our mind and body. It's the hammer, the computer, that person, our own stupidity.

All that energy builds and builds until it explodes!

We slam down the hammer, curse the computer, attack the other person, attack ourselves, or just let out a scream.

Not a pretty picture, is it?

But there's one thing I want to especially point out to you about this familiar scenario.

There's a great deal of power in frustration -- a tremendous amount of energy. We can feel it coursing through us -- but we don't know what to do with it.

We just want to relieve the pressure, and so we let it burst out onto people and things.

And it's such a misuse of our vital resources that it's almost a crime. Not only is all that energy wasted, but we ourselves get burned in the explosion.

Yes, the temporary exhaustion we feel afterward may seem like a bit of a relief. But here's the real damage done:

The more we let ourselves go like this, the more likely it is we'll let ourselves go the next time something doesn't meet our demands. The habit of exploding becomes more engrained in us. We become more and more the person who blames, gets angry, lashes out.

Before long we develop a hair trigger. We're less able to handle any frustration -- even the most trivial ones.

When everything sets us off, we become more and more predictable, always having the same negative reaction to every new challenging moment in life.

But now, let's look at this in a new way...

Imagine if you knew how to take all that energy and power you've just been throwing away, and instead transform it for your own use.

Instead of letting it explode around you and within you, all that energy could be refined and directed to a higher purpose.

And each time we used it in the right way, a new, more healthful habit would be strengthened.

All that energy that used to be wasted unconsciously, would now be used consciously. It could be used for our transformation and to fulfill the very reason for which we were given that energy in the first place.

That would be the fulfillment of its (and our) higher purpose in life.

But it seems so hard. How are we going to accomplish this when that frustration is so strong? When it feels so overpowering at times?

"We're going to deliver a death blow to something that's killing you."

That was the opening sentence of Guy Finley's amazing new talk, How to Free Yourself from Painful Frustration and Useless Anger.

And did he deliver!

Here are the Answers You Can Use to Stop Being the Victim of Frustration and Anger

Once you start working with the ideas Guy presents in How to Free Yourself from Painful Frustration and Useless Anger, you'll never again watch yourself explode in frustration and try to convince yourself it's okay. You'll never again justify something that's been stealing your possibilities for real change.

Instead you'll see what it's doing against you and you'll start taking back your life.

In 55 breathless minutes Guy does all this to unmask the truth about frustration:

  • Reveals the true source of your frustration
  • Uncovers what it is you really want to be free of
  • Names the real culprit that hides behind your frustration
  • Gives the reasons why your life is a repeat of negative experiences
  • Shows how to stop frustration from lashing out at others and spoiling relationships
  • Explains why what you think you know is your greatest barrier to success

And he gives you the higher understanding to find a life beyond frustration:

  • How to finally see the change you really want in life
  • The way to change the kind of human being you are
  • The new self-knowledge that frees you of self-judgment
  • How to meet and succeed at life's most important test
  • Why every moment is perfect, and how you can enter that perfection
  • One simple step that steals the force from frustration

This is what you have to understand to start living with command:

We are not doomed to turn into a raging animal every time we drop our toast on the floor, feel trapped following a slow driver, or feel the pressure of being tailgated by the maniac behind us.

Yes, life is filled with moments that frustrate the parts of us that feel weak and easily threatened. But there's so much more to us than that. We can be connected to powers that would no more fall helplessly under the siege of an unwanted moment than an elephant would feel threatened by an ant it brushes away with its foot.

Now, let me make it clear: it's not that we'll never again feel frustrated.

But when that energy starts rising within is, we won't blindly go along so that it builds and then explodes. Instead we'll know how to meet the moment consciously so the energy can be redirected to its better use.

As the habit of exploding in frustration at any setback grows weaker, all that energy is more naturally used by us for its real purpose -- to power our higher transformation.

Learn to See the Higher Potential in Any Unwanted Moment

Every moment presents possibilities for our transformation if we'll meet them in a new way.

Just recently I was trying to make a right turn from a driveway onto a busy street. I had to cross a lane of traffic to get into the left turn lane. The traffic light that controlled the intersection refused to change, and the line of cars waiting in the turn lane grew. I despaired of ever getting in.

Then there was a break in the street traffic, and the turn lane started moving... slowly. I knew I didn't have much time to get in line and my frustration grew. But then it looked like a driver was going to let me in. I pressed the gas and entered the street when he suddenly sped up, locking me out and leaving me in the middle of the street with traffic coming.

Sad to say, that's when a force of frustration that had been building all along surged through me with so much strength I actually felt a pain in my chest. Fortunately I finally got into the turn lane. But even better, the incident brought a lesson I will never forget.

Normally I would have continued to carry anger at that man and blame him for the pain I felt. I would have nursed my frustration. But I was present when Guy first delivered How to Free Yourself from Painful Frustration and Useless Anger, and I'd been using its principles.

So, while I felt chastened because of the explosion I couldn't stop, as I drove on an understanding came to me: "I just hurt my own heart." It wasn't that man, or the traffic, or anything else that made me hurt my own heart. I had done that on my own without thinking -- or rather, this unconscious habitual nature had done it.

Just seeing that resolved it on the spot. There was no inclination to continue the torment by blaming or thinking about the incident any more. I'd seen the monster rise up within me, but did not give it any more of my life. The beauty of it is, I was now filled with a quiet energy.

Can you see how powerful that is? It may not seem like a big moment -- a brief encounter in traffic -- but it was life changing because it was met in a new way. A way that could always be used... in even bigger moments.

In fact, there are no big moments or little moments -- they're all meaningful; they all present possibilities for our transformation if we'll meet them in a new way.

And that's exactly what you will learn how to do in How to Free Yourself from Painful Frustration and Useless Anger.

Use Your Life Energy to Fulfill Its True Purpose

You wouldn't take handfuls of money or precious jewels and just toss them into a fire, would you?

But that's exactly what we do with the most precious gift we have -- the life energy we've been given to live, love, and be transformed into our own highest possibilities.

Now you can stop misusing the world's most important power generator and start using it so you can become the conscious bridge between higher and lower worlds that you're meant to be.

That requires stopping the drain of all that energy through unbridled frustration and anger.

It can be done, and the instructions for doing it are clearly laid out in Guy Finley's transformational talk, How to Free Yourself from Painful Frustration and Useless Anger.

Get your copy now and learn how to turn all that energy into a true force for good.

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