Creating a New Spiritual Center of Gravity
Creating a New Spiritual Center of Gravity
  • Posted: March 9, 2009
  • Duration: 13min 46sec
Talk Notes

When you find a source of truth--and when you begin to discover the truth of yourself--you will see many things about your character that you would most likely rather not see. The action of Truth reveals and strips away layers upon layers of false beliefs and pretense that a person mistakenly takes to be his or her true self, and even the most sincere aspirants will resist the action of truth almost every step of the way. This is a fact that must not be resisted.

As we begin to lose a little bit of what we have taken ourselves to be, formed in us in exact proportion to what was given up is a new center of gravity. This new center of gravity is part of a gradual willingness born in the individual to welcome the truth that shows the individual more and more about his or her life. Basically, the individual becomes more and more willing to see where he or she has been wrong.

The Truth does not bring gifts the way that those who seek it imagine. The gift of the truth is the disappearance of an individual who seeks anything at all for the purpose of fulfilling him or herself. It is a removal of all things that are unneeded, nonsensical, and useless inside of the hearts and minds of men and women.

If we will stick with this removal process, then a new "identity" will begin to be formed within us, but this new identity cannot be known by the self in which it is being born. There is an exchange that has to take place, and the only thing required from the individual who has been lucky enough to find genuine truth is that he or she must agree to the replacement. Awakening is the gradual recognition that what you have been up until now is no longer worthwhile.

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