Awaken the Love of Light
Awaken the Love of Light
  • Posted: February 26, 2008
  • Duration: 8min 22sec
Talk Notes

Imagine living in a place in which there is no form of light, such as a dark cavern. In a world such as this, we would be forever bumping into each other because we would never actually see each other. There would be endless misunderstanding and conflict because we would not be able to see the world in its entirety--everything would be thought of as being separate.

Now imagine that you are told about the existence of fire. You would be able to see by this source of light, and you would stop bumping into everything that is now hidden in the dark. This light would reveal a completely different order of existence.

Now imagine being in this situation and thinking to yourself, "What if I don't like what I see by this new light?" This is exactly what our minds tell us when the Light begins to shine inwardly. Many things that were formerly in the dark and unconscious to us begin to be exposed, and sometimes we do not particularly like what we see. Then the fearful thought comes to the aspirant's mind, "What else am I going to see if I voluntarily let more Light in...what will happen to me?"

Our minds will think about what the Light means to it, and it will seem to the mind that the darkness in ourselves is growing when more Light comes...and the mind that is asleep to itself will not like it. This is something every aspirant for God's Life will encounter, and even though it's a tough road at times, we can remember to choose more Light in spite of what our minds are telling us.

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