Let Go and Let Higher Life Forces Succeed for You
Let Go and Let Higher Life Forces Succeed for You
  • Posted: February 17, 2020
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Key Lesson

Part 1

Seek first the Truth of yourself: there cannot be two firsts in our life, otherwise the first of today... becomes the last of tomorrow and, ultimately, what is lost is our opportunity to enter into a conscious relationship with what is timelessly wise, and perfectly loving.

Part 2

Growing pains are inescapable for all those who wish to try on the larger Soul: for the Greater to be born, the lesser must pass.


Have you ever looked down at a sidewalk or parking lot and marveled at a single blade of grass that had somehow found the will and the way to break through the pavement and out into the fresh air and sunlight? When we think of a titanic struggle, we don't usually think of a little seed of grass buried in the darkness and fighting to get out in the light. And yet, even though we may not see it as we hurry through our days, this ancient struggle to have a life in the light is going on within us as well. Mostly unanswered but endlessly calling to each and every one of us is our natural and higher need to find our place in the sun; a world just outside of our old, limited self where real life is open and free. This need in each of us to rise above ourselves is an eternal law expressing itself in all living things.

However, unlike the new grass or mustard seed that seeks the sunlight with no concern for what may be blocking its way, we are often easily discouraged by the host of inner shadows that stand between us and a brighter life. This is an unhappy condition that only grows worse each time we fight and fail to free ourselves. That's why we must learn how to make the right kind of fight, and our "battle" begins by learning what is true and what is false within ourselves, and the way we see our life as a result. For instance, if our quest for freedom has been repeatedly rejected, it is not because we have lacked the strength or opportunity. Neither the abundance nor the absence of these circumstantial attributes makes any real difference when it comes to realizing self-liberation.

The wise eagle knows just where to wait on the wings for certain powerful updrafts. Its compliance with natural laws is rewarded with a soaring life. So too must we learn to comply with the higher laws that govern self-liberation if we wish to be lifted above our present self.

We can see how these natural laws govern even the smallest of things. A young shoot of grass born in the darkness must soon break out into the warming rays of the sun; otherwise it will perish. It must get outside of its present unfavorable circumstances in order to claim its full life. Of course, this tender little shoot of new life can't know this, but it is not alone in its desperate fight for the light. In its favor is life itself--an intelligent and undeniable force that meets all barriers with the same fearlessness. And so the baby grass emerges against all odds because life, in one way or another, invariably finds a way to be stronger than anything that would deny it the expression of itself.

You can have these same powerful forces of life working for you. Surely you have felt the need for a greater life outside of yourself. Who hasn't? We all feel this natural need for rising above self-limiting thoughts and feelings because our true nature, like the light that is its source, beckons us to emerge from under the heaviness of our own mistaken false identity. It wants to give us a new life in exchange for our old one. It asks only that we willingly comply with its eternal process of self-renewal, and it does the rest.

Don't wonder whether or not this kind of exchange can be made; prove it to yourself. Seeing the truth of the things now being revealed to you is the first step. The journey into the brightness and lightness of your True Self can be made. Others have gone before you.

Excerpted From: The Secret of Letting Go, pages 177-179

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