Nothing From Nothing
  • Posted: Sunday, June 30, 2002
  • 115 words
Nothing From Nothing
Nothing From Nothing

If... You serve
only yourself,
You serve nothing.

If... You love
only yourself,
You love nothing.

If... You cling
only to yourself,
You hold nothing.

If... You wish
to please only yourself,
You please nothing.

If... You have
only things as pleasures,
You have nothing.

If... Your thoughts
wrestle with tomorrow,
You struggle with nothing.

If... You strive to amass only wealth,
You count for nothing.

If... You hunger
for the approval of others,
You starve for nothing.

If... You aim
and win the world's applause,
You hear nothing.

If... You are wise
in only the ways of this world,
You have learned nothing

If... You are alive
only to yourself,
You live for nothing.

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