Awareness is the Law
Awareness is the Law
  • Posted: October 3, 2009
  • Duration: 5min 43sec
Talk Notes

There is a story in the New Testament in which Christ emphatically throws upside-down the tables of the money-changers in the temple. And yet Christ was (and is) the representation of a beneficent, compassionate, and loving intelligence -- love thine enemies -- judge not lest ye be judged. How does one reconcile Christ's edict of "love thine enemies" with the fact of the over-throwing of the money-changers' tables? It seems like a contradiction.

It is the mind asleep to itself that needs laws to live by. Real awareness is the law. It is absolutely possible to throw something out of your spiritual "house" without ever having a negative thought towards what you are throwing out. However, we currently equate firmness with fear, which exists because there is a terrible uncertainty about what we should be doing with our lives. Awareness is perfect certainty of itself. Awareness doesn't question or wonder about the character of anything at all; it already knows where everything belongs. True awareness acts innocently and with conviction.

It is a spiritual fact that you cannot know where you are going. It is also a fact that you can never know the next "stage" that you will enter into in your spiritual life. But it is a guarantee that if you love what is true as best as you know how to do, and then act on what is true, then out of that action, no matter how poorly it is done, you will be given more light by which to see with greater and greater clarity the truth about yourself... and that never stops.


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