Comes the Snow Before the Spring
Comes the Snow Before the Spring
  • Posted: April 6, 2009
  • Duration: 8min 52sec
Talk Notes

Nothing is set in real life, but we live from a mind-set that wants to get things settled. Just when we think we have everything taken care of -- when all of our ducks are in a row -- life seems to come along and place another demand upon us. In general, we would prefer that nothing interfere with our carefully constructed plans.

What is the nature of a mind that is always scrambling to put everything in its proper place according to what it believes is proper? That level of mind believes that it can acquire happiness and peace through the successful completion of its plans. An awakening mind, on the other hand, understands the unsettled nature of reality, and yet at the same time also understands that within reality there exists a great harmony and balance.

Often before an injured part of the physical body heals, it will tend to flare up, or the body will experience a brief relapse. Prior to something becoming new, it must go through a breakdown of some kind. This applies inwardly as well. The authentic spiritual life is not easy. Your spiritual life will not go the way you want it to go. It will not go according to plan. There is no getting around that. Everything will unfold according to the laws that govern this grand life. The more we can consciously become the instrument of and be a willing participant in these same laws, the less we will be troubled by unexpected changes.

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