Don't Let Frustration Drive Your Choices
Don't Let Frustration Drive Your Choices
  • Posted: May 2, 2020
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Key Lesson

Reclaiming rightful authority over our own mind and heart begins with seeing, very clearly, that the ease with which we make excuses for self-compromising choices is not the same as being in charge of ourselves.


As difficult as it may be to see, always strive to remember the following truth: The way you feel about any given moment is because of what you think you know about that moment. In other words, while it may seem that you're frustrated because you want to understand your experience, the truth is, it's your present level of being that's creating your frustration as well as the conditions you try to change and blame in vain.

Do you get frustrated with the idea that "I really want to understand what's going on"? Yes or no? Frustration can't understand anything. All it can do is prove that somehow or other, that nature really wants to be anything other than frustrated.

Can you see that all forms of frustration, by their existence, are futile? All forms of frustration are futile. Now, what happens if I find myself being frustrated by something? I say, "Wait a minute! This is futile... but I can't stand this situation! I can't stand that I can't do this or that, or they won't be the way I want them to be. I can't stand it!" But my frustration is futile. Why? Because it belongs to the nature responsible for the perception to begin with - a nature that doesn't want to change!

This is what's so hard to get across, because it's circular. It's a whole picture. I really believe that the more frustrated I become proves that I really want to be something other than someone who's frustrated. Don't you? I mean that makes perfect sense, and I get more frustrated trying to change so that I don't have to feel frustrated. And why am I frustrated? Because I'm not what I'm experiencing, that's why! And yet, here I am experiencing it over and over and over again.

So, what are you going to do the next time that you find yourself trying to escape the pain that is produced by a nature that lives to produce it? Step off the memory-go-round. I'm going to understand that the only way in which I can cease to be this person who is in pain, who's upset, who's worried, who feels that loss has happened.... I'm going to understand the only way in which to change that condition is to change the consciousness responsible for it.

Catch that moment where you feel that frustration, and don't give it your voice, don't let it take your thoughts, don't let it drive your choices. If you'll do that, you'll begin to actually understand that the reason that I can't see the path ahead of me is because I'm blind. I'm blinded by my frustration. The frustration is telling me where to go and what to do. If I get rid of the blindness, suddenly a path (or another level of self) that was always present and possible is there where I am. I lay down one order of myself, and I pick up another... all because of what I was willing to see instead of trying to be something.

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