5 Simple Steps to Make Yourself Fearless
5 Simple Steps to Make Yourself Fearless
  • Posted: July 31, 2020
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Key Lesson

Part 1

There is no greater strength than knowing that everything life brings to you is for you as well. And as this wondrous fact grows clear to you, old enemies either vanish or they're transformed into your allies. Precious energies once wasted in futile self-defense are turned into new powers for further self-exploration.

Part 2

If we refuse to see what life is trying to reveal to us about ourselves, then we can't learn. If we don’t uncover the truth of our own nature, then higher self-knowledge becomes impossible. And without awakening this new order of self-knowledge, there is no way to illuminate, let alone eliminate the fears that live in the shadows of a mind that still lives in the dark.


The fifth step to making yourself fearless is faith. Real faith is born in a human being when he or she has the direct experience that they live in a world that is established for them to succeed in realizing that within them dwells an Intelligence beyond fear.

When a person takes the first four steps - attention, awareness, self-knowledge, and persistence - and brings them together, what happens? I have an intention, I set out, and I'm not looking for sensation anymore. Instead I understand I am going to be in this moment in order to let the moment educate me. I'm not going to tell myself what I want. I'm going to let Life - that I finally found out has a reason - give me what I need to understand.

In that is slowly but surely born in a person what is described in this key lesson:

Once we experience for ourselves that the universe is actually set up for us to succeed in becoming wise unto all things, we realize in that same moment that the very ground of Reality itself is compassionate. It is founded in love, and with this discovery in us, fear is dissolved.

Why is fear dissolved? Because I am no longer apart from life. I don't have adversaries anymore. I'm not fighting with anything or anyone.

I have awakened to this "5 in 1 Recipe," these five steps. I can see pretty clearly that every time I will go through that process of having this intention, then watching and being observant, aware of the interior make-up of this part of myself I've never known, I gain this knowledge, and it's my knowledge. No one can ever tell me that I don't know the truth of something because I've seen it operating in myself.

It takes a willingness to dive in and go through it, because as you yield to these principles inside of yourself and they are married up inside of you, you no longer look at life as a series of separate actions taking place, but rather one complete action that you can be complete in, and find the perfection that is inherent in the center of your very being because you've found that it is Love.

What is Love? That wholeness, that indivisibility, that recognition that all things good come to those for whom the Good is all things. When you set out to find this truly fearless life, lo and behold, you find Love, you find Intelligence, and fear cannot dwell in the presence of the Light.

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