Let the Light of True Self-Seeing Rescue You
Let the Light of True Self-Seeing Rescue You
  • Posted: July 28, 2014
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Key Lesson

No one is moved to lie to another without first having lied to himself... about himself.


If we're fortunate, there comes a certain point when we just know that we can no longer afford to refuse what we know we see about ourselves. And if we'll just endure these first difficult stages of true self-seeing, new insights follow whose light rescues us by revealing that we've been unconscious captives in an invisible circle of false strength. And false strength is any power we have to go looking for after it's needed!

Think about it. What good is it to find a solution -- some seeming strength -- that doesn't really resolve our problem, but is just another form of secret self-deception? Outside of its power to help us temporarily feel better about the weakness that just overtook us, what good is the "strength" of being able to endlessly explain ourselves? Or to "intelligently" justify some deliberately hurtful act towards another -- to tell ourselves that this time we've learned our lesson and how we won't ever do that again.

The world of our making is so wearisome. Just look how we have to make it over and over. But that's not the worst part. The worst part is we start running out of things we can imagine to make it into! Then this same self-creating nature turns on itself. It gets vicious with itself and with everyone else for the pain that it's inflicting on itself.

So we reach the point where we start to understand that for prayer to work, it must begin with a genuine request. This genuine request has to be based in reality, not in wishes, hopes, and dreams. It can't be based in wants. It can't even be based in ideals. For prayer to work, it must have what it needs to work: the uncovered heart, the exposed heart. This heart can't be lied to anymore by the mind that says, "One day you will be beautiful, wise or strong."

From this moment forward start seeing that when, in a fit of unhappiness, you feel you weren't made for this world, at that moment the "you" that is speaking made that world. Your task in prayer, and with prayer, is to reach a very simple quiet state -- the very simple admission of "I don't like the world I've made. Can you help me?" Then your slate will be wiped clean. God is just waiting to be asked.

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